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Willkommen an der Universität Bayreuth!

Welcome to the University of Bayreuth!

We wish all students a good start to their 2019/2020 winter semester! The welcoming of first semester students by the University Governing Board will take place in the Audimax at 6:15 p.m. on 14 October. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to network at our Cafeteria Evening.  ...more

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"International, digital, and sustainable"...

...is how the University of Bayreuth is starting its 2019/2020 winter semester. 13,660 students and nearly 1,500 researchers study and work here. "These figures clearly show that the University of Bayreuth is highly attractive both nationally and internationally," said University President Prof. Dr. Leible at the annual press conference.  ...more

Photo: Folded T-Shirts with Uni-Logo

Retail therapy in the Uni-Shop!

We’re celebrating the start of the new winter semester with a sale: 10% off all hoodies, T-shirts, and bags in the Uni-Shop during the first week of lectures (14 to 17 October)! We’ll be open during the Cafeteria Evening on 14 October as well - come on by!  ...more

The new ubtaktuell is out!

Our campus magazine reflects the diverse activity going on at our lively university. Some of the topics in issue 2-2019 include the DFG-funded collaborative research centre Microplastics and the Bayreuth Humboldt Centre with new funding opportunities for visiting scientists. Enjoy the read!  ...more

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The learning of the future is being developed in Bayreuth

In cooperation with the South Korean Circle Foundation and the F/L Think Tank, international researchers have developed software tools that enable students to test and simultaneously apply artificial intelligence across language boundaries and continents.  ...more

Picture: Alexander von Humboldt

Bayreuth Humboldt Centre launches Fellowships

The University of Bayreuth Centre of International Excellence "Alexander von Humboldt" invites outstanding international guest researchers to research visits at the University of Bayreuth, thereby consolidating the international character of the University of Bayreuth.  ...more

Bayreuther Stadtgespräche - die Veranstaltungsreihe der Universität Bayreuth.

Bayreuther Stadtgespräch

This lecture series is held in the Iwalewahaus on the first Wednesday of every month. The talks focus on exciting topics and are geared to a general audience. The next talk will be held on 2 October 2019. Topic: Franken Jura: place of longing - place of experience - place of enjoyment.  ...more

Photo: Medal of the University Bayreuth

2019 Academic Anniversary: You’re invited!

Celebrate the 44th birthday of the University of Bayreuth with us on 21 November, and experience our Campus anew as a place of lateral thinking. The keynote speech will be given by Sascha Lobo, author and expert on the internet and all matters digital.  ...more

The University of Bayreuth offers attractive prospects. It has earned an international reputation for its uniquely interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching.

A campus full of opportunities

Our unique campus facilitates open communication in study, research, and campus life. It is a place where new ideas are conceived and new friendships and collaborations are forged. ...more

Come see what’s blooming

Take a stroll through the Botanical Garden, home to an immense array of plants and animals...more

Enrol now!

Fancy studying at our beautiful campus uni? Sure! Online enrolment at the University of Bayreuth for Winter Semester 2019/2020 runs to 11 October 2019. ...more

Important dates

Stay up-to-date on what’s happening – on our campus, there’s always something going on! All the most important dates and events are just a click away. ...more

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