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Hände, die eine Erdkugel halten

Apply now for the University of Bayreuth Sustainability Award!

The award honours outstanding and forward-looking final theses which deal theoretically or practically with securing sustainable ecological development.  ...more

Opernhaus Bayreuth von innen

'Curtain-up!' for new anthology on the Bayreuth Opera House!

Nine experts from the University of Bayreuth and the Bavarian Palace Administration present aspects of the history, restoration and use of the World Heritage Listed venue.  ...more

Unique polymer fibres

Strong and tough yet as light as a feather – a research team from the University of Bayreuth has now developed recycable polymer fibres with these technologically highly attractive properties and presents them in the journal "Science".  ...more

The University of Bayreuth offers attractive prospects

It has earned an international reputation for its uniquely interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching.

Now hiring

The University of Bayreuth is constantly on the look-out for new talent. Whether it's an academic or non-academic position you're looking for, we may just have the job that's right for you. ...more

Don’t forget to renew enrolment for summer semester!

To renew enrolment in summer semester 2020, students are required to transfer their semester fees to the University between 20.01.2020 and 21.02.2020. ...more

Application and Enrolment

Fancy studying at our beautiful campus university? Sure! Click your way to the application/enrolment platform for the 2020 summer semester. ...more

Important dates

Stay up-to-date on what’s happening – on our campus, there’s always something going on! All the most important dates and events are just a click away. ...more

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