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Semester start at the University of Bayreuth.

Welcome to the campus!

The University of Bayreuth wishes all students and staff a good semester start! At the start of each semester, the new bachelor’s and master’s students joining us from around Germany and from abroad help enrich life on campus in Bayreuth. Good to have you here!  ...more

Bild einer Landkarte des Kontinents Afrika.

One Cluster of Excellence

Another major success for the University of Bayreuth: Bayreuth’s African Studies were named Cluster of Excellence by an international panel of experts and the ministers of science of Germany’s federal and state governments.  ...more

The latest ubtaktuell now in print

The latest ubtaktuell now in print

The latest issue of our campus magazine “ubtaktuell” (published in German) covers the many activities going on at our lively university. Subjects include the success of our Cluster of Excellence “Africa Multiple” and the newly founded Bavarian Centre for Battery Technology (BayBatt). We hope you enjoy reading!  ...more

Energy storage of tomorrow

The next generation of safe, intelligent, and sustainable energy storage systems will soon come from Bayreuth: today the Bavarian Minister of Science, Prof. Dr. med. Marion Kiechle, introduced the new Bavarian Centre for Battery Technology (BayBatt) at the University of Bayreuth.  ...more

Student survey: top scores for the University of Bayreuth

Students at the University of Bayreuth are highly satisfied with the quality and content of their studies as well as their study environment. This is the reflected in the 2018 Times Higher Education European Student Survey.  ...more

Bayreuther Stadtgespräche - die Veranstaltungsreihe der Universität Bayreuth.

Bayreuther Stadtgespräch(e)

This lecture series is held in the Iwalewahaus on the first Wednesday of every month. The talks focus on exciting topics and are geared to a general audience. The next talk will be held on 7 November 2018.  ...more

Cover des Magazins Spektrum, Ausgabe 1 / 2018

In focus: “Planet Earth”

With respect to its focus areas, the University of Bayreuth contributes to the exploration of our planet in numerous ways. Our latest edition of SPEKTRUM shows that fundamental research is often closely interconnected with definite problem solving – be it with regard to research in climate and weather, the protection of the environment, the development of new materials or aerospace.   ...more

The University of Bayreuth offers attractive prospects. It has earned an international reputation for its uniquely interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching.

A campus full of opportunities

Our unique campus facilitates open communication in study, research, and campus life. It is a place where new ideas are conceived and new friendships and collaborations are forged. ...more

Strong positions in THE rankings

The University of Bayreuth has earned a global position as a strong higher education institution with internationally visible teaching and research. In the World University Ranking, the young campus university ranks among the frontrunners. ...more

Stay cool

The University of Bayreuth offers many ways and means to counter our ever-tighter deadlines and increasing pressure to perform. Nurturing healthful living, study, and work on campus is our aim. …more

Important dates

Stay up-to-date on what’s happening – on our campus, there’s always something going on! All the most important dates and events are just a click away. ...more

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