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Spektrum – the research magazine of the University of Bayreuth

From biofabrication to languages and literatures in Africa, from ecological and economic sustainability to artificial intelligence, from food safety to hydrogen and battery research: With its interdisciplinary networked research, the University of Bayreuth is constantly providing new impetus for forward-looking developments in science, business, and society. The science magazine SPEKTRUM, which was published until 2021, presented insights and findings from Bayreuth research projects.

Subject of the last issue: Sport

This SPEKTRUM issue shows the strong interdisciplinary networking of sports science at the University of Bayreuth: The research topics range from a health-promoting lifestyle to digitalization and e-sports, from value creation in sport to innovations in materials science.

Previous issues of Spektrum magazine

Older issues (2008-2017) can be found in the archive. You can also access Spektrum issues on ePub, the University of Bayreuth's document and publication server.