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University Rules in place at the University of Bayreuth (Second set of supplementary provisions, dated 20 May 2022, as amended on 10 February 2023)

In order to ensure the orderly operation of the University, the President issues the following University Rules for the University of Bayreuth pursuant to Article 21 para 12 sentence 1 Bavarian University and College Act (BayHSchG) of 23 May 2006 (GVBl. p. 245, BayRS 2210-1-1-WK), last amended by § 1 of the act dated 24 July 2020 (GVBl. p. 382), and § 29 para 3 of the General Rules of Procedure for the Authorities of the State of Bavaria (AGO) dated 12 December 2000 (GVBl p. 873; 2001 p. 28 BayRS 200- 21-I), last amended by announcement of 24 April 2018 (GVBl. p. 281).

§ 1 Scope

The University Rules apply to all premises, buildings, and rooms used by the University of Bayreuth (hereinafter referred to as the University). They must be observed by all persons located within the area of the University of Bayreuth. If separate rules of the lessor are applicable to rented premises or buildings, the present University Rules shall apply in addition.

§ 2 Site regulations

(1) The site regulations are exercised by the President.

(2) Site regulations officers exercise the site regulations as a transferred right. As a result of the transfer, they are authorized in particular to issue exclusion orders in their area of responsibility.

(3) The following members of the University are the President's site regulations officers:

  1. the official members of the teaching staff in the classrooms they use,
  2. the managers/ chairpersons of the institutes for the area covered by each institute,
  3. the deans for those rooms of their department that are assigned to the department for direct use,
  4. the chairpersons of meetings during meetings of the University’s collegial bodies and its committees,
  5. members of the University commissioned by the President in general or in individual cases,
  6. the head of Buildings & Grounds Maintenance or those assigned by him or her (e.g. security service),
  7. staff members responsible for matters relating to the site regulations according to the allocation of duties,
  8. every employee in the area of work assigned to him or her.

(4) In exercising the site regulations, the President and the site regulations officers are represented under the terms of the general provisions.

(5) The decisions and measures taken by the President or his or her deputy in exercising the site regulations shall in all cases take precedence over those of the site regulations officers.

§ 3 Opening hours

(1) Unless other arrangements have been made, the buildings of the University of Bayreuth are generally open at the times listed below:

Monday - Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

The opening hours may be changed due to closure. Different provisions in the individual buildings, e.g. during the semester break, are possible and are determined separately. Outside these times, the buildings must always be kept locked. The outer doors must be locked immediately after entering or leaving the building. In exceptional cases, general business outside opening hours is regulated by the institutes and research groups on their own responsibility; Buildings & Grounds Maintenance must be informed. They shall ensure that the buildings are kept closed and that the security of the building and its facilities is ensured. All other buildings outside the main university campus (whether state-owned or rented), e.g. the Kulmbach Campus, Iwalewahaus, Dr.-Hans-Frisch-Straße, Hugo-Rüdel-Straße, Schloss Thurnau, Nürnberger Straße and Prieserstraße, are opened and closed independently and on the sole responsibility of the building users.

(2) Site regulations officers, representatives of Buildings & Grounds Maintenance, and the security companies can find out the name of persons who are found in the buildings or on the university grounds outside the opening hours and, if necessary, ask them to leave the buildings and the university grounds. Special occurrences are documented and the representative of Buildings & Grounds Maintenance is informed accordingly.

§ 4 Security, safety and order

(1) The University’s buildings and various sections of buildings may only be used within the scope of the following provisions and in principle only for service and teaching purposes and in accordance with the University's duties (see Article 2 and 3 para 1 Bayerisches Hochschulinnovationsgesetz (BayHIG)). Staff members and visitors must always treat the premises, buildings, and other facilities of the University of Bayreuth with care, keep them in good condition, and avoid damage and contamination.

(2) Escape routes and emergency access roads must be kept clear at all times.

(3) All members of the University are obligated to take steps to prevent damage of any kind, especially through fire, theft, or burglary, and to ensure that all technical equipment is used properly. Any unauthorized removal, handling, or damage to equipment of any kind will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law.

(4) After the end of each course, the lecture rooms must be vacated; in particular, the cleaning staff must not be hindered.

(5) Smoking is not permitted in the University of Bayreuth’s buildings. This also applies to the use of electric cigarettes (vaping). The legal provisions concerning the protection of health (Health Protection Act - GSG) apply.

(6) Bringing food or drinks into libraries or classrooms or consuming them there is prohibited.

(7) Cleanliness must be ensured in all rooms, corridors, stairways, courtyards, and especially in the lavatories. Waste of any kind may only be thrown into the waste containers set up for this purpose.

(8) In case of rain, storm, or snow, the windows have to be closed in time. The users of the rooms are liable for any breakage of window glass, water damage, or other consequential damage. Any open windows must be secured.

(9) The authorized persons are responsible for locking the institute and seminar rooms, offices, etc. and for the safe storage of valuables, as well as for switching off the lights and closing the windows when leaving the rooms. The forcible opening of doors and windows is prohibited.

(10) Any damages or defects found, or any irregularities or special occurrences, must be reported immediately to Buildings & Grounds Maintenance via the website www.zt.uni-bayreuth.de/de/stoerungen; urgent malfunctions must be reported by phone: - 2117.

(11) Bringing bicycles inside buildings is prohibited. Bicycles are to be parked in the designated areas. Parking at or in front of the entrances is not permitted. Any bicycles standing there may be removed at a charge to their owner. The University of Bayreuth is only liable for damage caused in connection with the removal of bicycles in the case of intent and gross negligence. Removed bicycles will be kept for a period of four weeks and handed over to the person who can prove that he/she is the rightful owner. After this period, the bicycles can be recycled or disposed of in favour of the State of Bavaria

(12) Motor vehicles may only be parked in the spaces provided for this purpose. Parking mopeds, scooters, motor vehicles, or objects in buildings, especially in cellars, cellar corridors, entrances and passages, is prohibited for reasons of fire protection; the same applies to green areas. The University of Bayreuth’s traffic and parking regulations must be observed.

(13) Dogs are only allowed on the premises of the University of Bayreuth if they are kept on a leash. The University Governing Board may permit exceptions to the obligation to keep one’s dog on a leash in certain cases. In particular, exceptional cases include rescue dogs or dogs used by the state police, the federal police, or customs officers if they are used on the university grounds. In all other respects, pets may not be brought into the buildings or offices of the University of Bayreuth or the facilities belonging to them. Exceptions require the approval of the department.

§ 5 Activities requiring authorization and unauthorized activities

 (1) Any disruption to orderly university operations is prohibited. On land, buildings, and rooms administered by the University, prior written consent or approval by e-mail (permission) from the University is required for the following:

  1.  the posting of notices or posters or the distribution of leaflets or flyers,
  2.  the organization of collections or elections,
  3.  the setting up of information or sales stands or selling goods or collecting orders in other ways,
  4. the use of lecture halls or other rooms for events not related to the University itself,
  5. live music, performances, or other events,
  6. significant structural changes,
  7. film, television, video, and sound recordings in analogue or corresponding digital form, to the extent that they are not permitted for use in research and teaching or in general.

There is no legal claim to the provision of rooms or approval. Approval will not be considered if the legal mandate of the University is endangered or a danger to safety, security, or order is to be feared. Approval must be refused if the applicant's objectives conflict with the free democratic basic order or if the organization of the event conflicts with the free democratic basic order in terms of its objectives, content, or form.

(2) Posters, notices, announcements, messages, etc. may only be posted on the billboards or in display cases provided for this purpose. Posters relating to certain events must be removed at the latest on the second day after the event or by the time the posting permit expires.

(3) Begging and hawking, any kind of offering goods for sale, visiting members of the University for the purpose of concluding private business within the buildings of the University, or political activities in speech or writing are prohibited in the buildings and on the premises administered by the University (see §§ 29 - 32 AGO). In accordance with para 1, the University may issue a permit for offering goods for sale.

(4) The use of roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, scooters, etc. in university buildings is not permitted. The use of aircraft (e.g. drones or aircraft models) is prohibited for the land and buildings used by the University, except for teaching and research purposes of the members of the University; using them for teaching and research purposes is permitted after notifying the representative of Buildings & Grounds Maintenance. This also applies to flights over the university grounds using other unmanned aircraft. Exceptions to this may be granted by the site regulations officers under the terms of § 2 para 3 number 6.

(5) Carrying weapons or dangerous objects is prohibited. Exceptions to this prohibition are made for the police, customs officers, other security authorities, and the security companies commissioned by the University, as long as they are authorized to carry them.

(6) Within the scope of the present University Rules, it is prohibited for anyone to disparage the freedom and dignity of a human being in word, writing, or gesture, or to use signs or symbols that are in the spirit of or represent anti-constitutional or unconstitutional organizations.

(7) The University’s land, buildings, and rooms may not be used by unauthorized persons as a place of residence. If the use of university premises by persons not belonging to the University is tolerated as a passageway, this toleration can be revoked at any time.

§ 6 Posters

(1) Posters may only be put up in the areas specifically designated for this purpose. Posters put up elsewhere will be removed. Posting a poster multiple times at the same location is not permitted. Posting or putting up advertising media (e.g. boards, columns, etc.), whether movable or immovable, by third parties is only permitted with the consent of the University of Bayreuth. Only materials that can be removed easily and without leaving residue (tacks, poster strips, etc.) are permitted for attaching posters. Whoever puts up posters is responsible for removing them. Posters that refer to events must be removed at the latest two days after the event or by the time the posting permit expires. 8Irrespective of this, posters are removed at appropriate intervals by the University of Bayreuth.

(2) The billboards may only be used by the above-mentioned bodies/institutes according to the headings. In particular, it is not permitted to make announcements, posts, or other communications with political content. Only official announcements, or announcements made by the university administration, faculties, research groups, or central institutes may be placed on billboards in the buildings marked "Amtliche Bekanntmachungen/Universitäts- interne Mitteilungen". Notices of events organized by student representatives shall be posted on the notice boards marked with the heading "Studentenvertretungen". Boards with the heading "Veranstaltungen, Konzerte" or the like may also be used by non-university organizers for cultural purposes. Private posters by members of the University shall be restricted to the areas designated for this purpose, which are marked as "Allgemeine Mitteilungen" or "Sonstiges". The advertising pillars at Humanities I and temporary buildings may only be covered by the company commissioned for marketing purposes by the City of Bayreuth (currently Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH - BMTG). The advertising pillar at the cafeteria (student pillar) may only be used by the student parliament or the student representatives.

(3) On posters, notices, etc. from third parties, the person responsible (responsible person within the meaning of the Press Act) must be recognizable. If this information is missing, the posters, notices, etc. may be removed immediately.

(4) Product and company advertising as well as any distribution of flyers and leaflets is only permitted with the prior written consent of the University of Bayreuth and at the locations mentioned. Removal of the advertising material is subject to a charge.

(5) The University of Bayreuth may prosecute violations of the regulations concerning posting or other orders in this context with the following measures:
a)  A request to comply with the posting regulations in the future and a notification that a violation of the posting regulations is being registered;
b)  Removal of posters, notices, leaflets, etc., subject to a fee;
c) Threat of an exclusion order from the university grounds and its buildings;
d) An exclusion order and threat of a criminal complaint for trespassing (§ 123 StGB) in case of violation;
e)  Reporting of trespassing (§ 123 StGB).
If damage to buildings or facilities is caused by posting, the University reserves the right to file criminal charges for damage to or destruction of objects that serve the public good or the beautification of public paths, squares, or facilities (§§ 303, 304 StGB). Compensation is to be paid for damages incurred. The above-mentioned measures may be taken individually or in combination, irrespective of the gravity of the infringement in question. In case of repeated violations, they can be taken repeatedly. The measures can be taken against the person acting, against the organizer, and/or against the other person responsible for the posting. Expenses and damages can be claimed as a lump sum.

§ 7 Lost property

Items that are found must be given to the mail room, the guard, or to the custodian. After one week, they are forwarded to the central mail room. They shall be retained by the University for a period of eight weeks and shall be handed over to the person or persons who can provide prima facie evidence of being the rightful owner. After eight weeks, lost property may be used for the benefit of the State of Bavaria. 

§ 8 Lockers

Any daily lockers that are used must be emptied by the user at least a quarter of an hour before the building is closed. The university administration (usually Buildings & Grounds Maintenance) reserves the right to open and empty lockers that have not been emptied in the event of violations of the time of use. The contents can be collected from the central mail room (cf. § 7). After the lockers have been emptied by force, the contents of the locker are stored for a period of eight weeks and then recycled. The State of Bavaria is not liable for loss of or damage to items deposited in the lockers or with the property management or the University Library (except in cases of intent or gross negligence). The user is liable for any damage caused by him or her or the stored items. Misuse or damage will be prosecuted under criminal law. If available, the respective terms of use for lockers (e.g. terms of use for lockers in the reading room of the University Library) shall apply in addition.

§ 9 Punishment of violations

Punishment of violations of the University Rules is carried out in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. In the event of violation, an exclusion order may be issued at the University’s discretion. The University reserves the right to take legal action against the party responsible, particularly in the event of damage.

§ 10 General regulatory provisions

(1) The supplementary regulations existing for individual parts of the location, for special facilities, institutes, and laboratories must be observed. Deviating regulations, which are described in the notices, exist for the buildings and the grounds of the Botanical Garden and the libraries, for example.

(2) In addition, the provisions of the AGO apply. 

§ 11 Effective date

(1) The University Rules go into effect on 11 February 2023.

(2) At the end of the day on 30 September 2020, the University of Bayreuth’s current University Rules dated 30 March 2005, amended on 10 March 2008, shall cease to be valid.

Bayreuth, 10 February 2023

Professor Dr. Stefan Leible, President of the University of Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth is not liable for inaccuracies or mistakes in this English translation.
In case of doubt, the German originals are to be used in a court of law.