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Three women eating together in the fresh room at the University of Bayreuth

Cafeteria, Frischraum, and Coffee Bars

The catering services of the Upper Franconia Student Union do a tremendous job every day: they serve over 4,000 meals to hungry students, staff, and guests every day. And they do so with value-for-money that is probably unique in Bayreuth. In addition to the Cafeteria, it is also worth visiting Frischraum or one of the coffee bars on campus.


Main courses, desserts, and lots of side dishes are always on hand to satisfy small and large appetites. Of course, there are also seasonal highlights, such as the "Healthy into the Semester" campaign or the Christmas dinner. Variety is guaranteed. And there is plenty of vegetarian food too - every day more than a third of all dishes are meatless. The salad bar, always fresh and crisp, is particularly popular. We wish you bon appétit!


Frischraum offers a daily vegetarian or vegan dish, a dish with fish or meat, and a salad bar brimming with delicious dressed salads. There are also desserts and snacks. All ingredients are freshly processed and come from the region as much as possible. The concept behind Frischraum is healthy, light, and wholesome dishes. Additives are avoided as far as possible.

The concept of "herbal cuisine" is exemplary for its regionality, freshness, and environmental compatibility. As often as possible, the Frischraum serves a special herbal dish with home-grown herbs from the ecological botanical garden.

Branch Offices

Of course, those who work at a branch of the University of Bayreuth need not go without a delicious and inexpensive meal. For example, the same fresh and tasty main dishes as in Frischraum or the Cafeteria are on the menu every day in the canteen on Nürnberger Straße and in the canteen at Geschwister-Scholl-Platz, both in the Bayreuth city area.

Even at our new faculty in Kulmbach, students and employees do not have to do without a delicious lunch.

Coffee Bar

In the Coffee Bar, people meet for breakfast, for a snack with imaginative, vegan and vegetarian sandwiches, for a quick hot snack, and, of course, for coffee and homemade cake. Regional products, fair trade coffee and cocoa, and the complete absence of disposable cups make the Coffee Bar at the University of Bayreuth a pioneer when it comes to sustainable consumption.

Further Coffee Bars on campus

You can also drink coffee in style or enjoy small snacks in the Crazy Sheep Coffee Bar in the RW Building or in the Coffee Bar in the FAN B Building. Glashaus is run voluntarily by students. Here you can get coffee from the Bayreuth World Shop and a daily selection of hot and cold drinks.

You need an overview?

Our campus app shows you quickly and conveniently what could be on your plate today and where. Simply download it and work up an appetite!