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Accessibility declaration for the main website

Legal name

University of Bayreuth


The University of Bayreuth strives to make its websites accessible in accordance with the provisions of the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0) implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

This accessibility statement refers to the online offerings under the www.uni-bayreuth.de domain and www.gamechanger-campus.de domain. Separate accessibility declarations apply for chair, faculty, and project pages that are accessible under subdomains in the style of xyz.uni-bayreuth.de.

Content that is not accessible

The websites are partly in line with the provisions mentioned in the first paragraph. The barriers that still exist are listed below.

  • The websites www.uni-bayreuth.de and www.gamechanger-campus.de lack information in sign language
  • The pages may still be missing a few alt attributes for images, controls, and layout graphics.
  • Not all documents are available in an accessible version
  • No full audio descriptions, full text alternatives, or subtitles are currently available for embedded videos
  • Contrasts of texts and controls are only partially sufficient
  • Words and sections in other languages are not marked
  • There may be errors in the content hierarchy or heading hierarchy

Justification for inaccessible content

The University of Bayreuth has a very extensive web presence of at least several hundred web pages. Due to the great amount of redesign necessary, some web pages are not (yet) completely barrier-free. The technical implementation of accessibility is being successively optimised. Newer PDF documents are generally available in barrier-free form; PDF documents created before 23 September 2018 may not comply with the current standards of accessibility.

Preparation of this Accessibility Statement

This declaration was created on 02.04.2022 and updated on 28.08.2023. The technical verification of accessibility was carried out by self-assessment.

Enforcement proceedings

If a request via the contact option remains wholly or partially unanswered within six weeks, the State Office for Digitisation, Broadband and Surveying shall, at the request of the user, examine whether measures are required in the context of monitoring vis-à-vis the obligated party.

State Office for Digitisation, Broadband and Surveying
Alexandrastraße 4
80538 München
Phone: +49 89 2129-1111
Telefax: +49 89 2129-1113
E-mail: service@geodaten.bayern.de
Website: www.ldbv.bayern.de/service/kontakt

Other assistance offered by the University of Bayreuth

Office of the representatives of students with disabilities or chronic illnesses (BECKS)

Commissioner: Nicole Klug
E-mail: nicole.klug@uni-bayreuth.de

You can contact BECKS at:
Phone: 0921 / 55-4506
E-mail: becks@uni-bayreuth.de
Website: www.becks.uni-bayreuth.de

Representatives of the severely handicapped for employees of the University of Bayreuth
Confidential counsellors can be found here:
To the representatives of the severely handicapped