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Examination Office

On these pages you will find all the important information on examination matters in your degree programmes, including contacts at the examination offices, arranged according to faculties and departments. If you have any further questions, your examinations offices will be happy to help you.​

General information; COVID-19 [27.01.2022]

Semester of study and standard period of study (Summer Semester 2020, Winter Semester 2020/2021, Summer Semester 2021 and Winter Semester 2021/2022)

Summer Semester 2020, Winter Semester 2020/2021, Summer Semester 2021, and Winter Semester 2021/2022 are not considered "semesters of study" with regard to the standard period of study and deadlines specified in the examination regulations. This means that students will not suffer any disadvantages if they are unable to comply with examination dates and deadlines due to the special situation in these semesters. 

These "deadline extensions" occur automatically, and no separate application is necessary.

In addition, students who were/are enrolled in a degree prgramme in Summer Semester 2020, Winter Semester 2020/2021, Summer Semester 2021, and Winter Semester 2021/2022 and who have not been granted a leave of abcence will generally be granted an extended "individual" standard period of study that deviates from the regular standard period of study.

Further information can be found here:

No simplified withdrawal for examinations

For examinations from 01.11.2021 onwards which relate to Winter Semester 2021/2022, the previous of the Coronavirus Statutes cease to apply.

No additional resit

§ 4 a of the Coronavirus Statutes only applies to examinations conducted before 01.11.2021.

Repetition deadlines

If the examination and study regulations specify deadlines independent of the semester, Art. 99 para 1 BayHSchG will not apply.
§ 19 para 4 p. 1 PSO BWL B. Sc.: "If the missing examinations are not passed within one year after the deadline specified in para 3 sentence 1 for reasons for which the student is responsible, or if the repetition options have been exhausted beforehand, the bachelor's examination is considered to be failed on the final attempt."


§ 19 para 1 p. 3 PSO Biology B. Sc.: "The resit examination is usually to be taken within six months, at the latest within the framework of the examination dates of the relevant following semester."

These examples are not directly related to the semester of study, but rather generally define a deadline. Art. 99 para 1 BayHSchG is therefore not applicable to these regulations. However, the Coronavirus Statutes provide for a separate provision in § 7 for this constellation, whereby these deadlines are also automatically extended by the time of Summer Semester 2020 or Winter Semester 2020/2021 or Summer Semester 2021 or Winter Semester 2021/22, i.e. (in each case) six months. 

Further specifics can also be found in the Corona Statutes.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant examination office.

Information on bachelor’s and master’s theses:

Please use the mailbox at the main entrance of the University Administration (ZUV) to hand in your final theses. 

Conducting in-person examinations 

There is no obligation to wear an mask during examinations. However, we do recommend wearing one.

Examinations for students at increased risk for severe COVID-related illness (risk groups):

Corona-related non-participation in an examination: Non-participation in an examination, e.g. due to a self-isolation order or quarantine obligations, must be reported to the examination office immediately and documented. The non-participation must be made plausible, i.e. the reasons must be communicated to the examination office accordingly and explained in a comprehensible manner. Please use only the attest function in cmlife for this. 

Contacts by department

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