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The campus magazine of the University of Bayreuth

Dear Readers and Friends of UBTaktuell,

For some months now, we have all been severely challenged in our daily lives by the issue of coronavirus, both professionally and privately – and flexibility, creativity, adaptability, and problem-solving skills are still called for. Our colleagues in the Press, Marketing & Communication (PMK) unit have also faced and still face new challenges every day. For example, at short notice, the PMK team actively helped to ensure that the first semester welcome, originally planned to take place in the Audimax, could actually be held in digital form for the first time! The first-year students were excited and relaxed at the same time, and, if you were following the chat live, you would have sensed their enthusiasm!

The Dies Academicus 2020 also went online for the first time. The University family had to celebrate the 45th birthday of their UBT without the festivities, without seeing each other in person, and without being able to join any toast to continued success. None of the "trimmings" this time, as Professor Dr. Leible wrote. Here, too, our PMK colleagues lent a hand at short notice, and their commitment meant the festive day was able to take place digitally and so smoothly...

The web magazine

In keeping with the current situation, the PMK team, have now complemented our printed campus magazine UBTaktuell with a digital version: the web magazine! Don't worry, the printed magazine as you have known it for many years will continue to exist, but will now also be online. In the web magazine, we can publish the interesting and exciting developments you wish to share on campus much faster and more up to date. 

You can send your topics to our editorial team – Tanja Heinlein, Anja-Maria Meister, and Jennifer Opel – via e-mail:

No more editorial deadline!

And since it is a web magazine, from now on there is no editorial deadline! You can upload your articles continuously and in the time-honoured manner. Equally, before you upload an article, it is still best to contact us. We will then go through all the steps concerning your authorship with you, and give you some tips, if you wish. Our editorial team is here for you, because only with your contributions will the web magazine - just like the printed UBTaktuell magazine – become a lively magazine from the campus for the campus!

Curious contributors are welcome to get in touch! 

UBTaktuell – the online magazine

Find regular up-to-date articles on everything important to the University!

Contact the editorial office

Tanja Heinlein – Anja-Maria Meister – Jennifer Opel
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-5324

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