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Three scenes from different places in Africa: Crowd, a stall outside and a picture of the big city

Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence

The Excellence Strategy of the Federal Government and the States aims to strengthen Germany as a centre of science in the long term, and further improve its international competitiveness. The Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence meets all the criteria of the funding line and offers internationally recognised excellence in research. Its renowned scientists in African research and the high quality of the supporting structures at the University of Bayreuth create the right environment for exceptional achievement.

Africa Multiple

Reorienting African Studies together with African partner institutions - this is what the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence is all about, and it can look back on a long tradition of academic engagement with Africa in the focus area of African Studies. The focus is on the continental and transcontinental interconnections of cultural, linguistic, social, religious, political, economic, and ecological processes.

New forms of intercontinental scientific cooperation are emerging in the Cluster, especially through the four newly founded African Cluster Centres in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. The international teams are jointly developing research methods to arrive at a differentiated view of Africa. In addition to the newly established research centres, the Cluster successfully cooperates with other institutions in Africa, Germany, Europe, Asia, and America.

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