Rev. von Knobelsdorff in front of a panel during a lecture at an event of the Forum Church and University

Bayreuth Church & University Forum

Bayreuth Forum Kirche und Universität (Bayreuth Church & University Forum) is an initiative to nurture dialogue between science, ethics, and theology. The Forum organises public conferences, which are held by experts from the University and churches in Bayreuth, together with national and international speakers in the field.

Bayreuth Forum Kirche und Universität is an institution of the University of Bayreuth and the two large local churches, the Evangelical Lutheran Deanery District of Bayreuth - Bad Berneck, and the Roman Catholic Deanery of Bayreuth. The forum has set itself the task of dealing with ethically relevant topics, and in doing so, also addresses the fundamental questions of faith and knowledge. Scientific work and theological-ethical enquiry should thus enter into a fruitful dialogue.

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Rev. Christoph von Knobelsdorff

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Current Forum members (selection):

Rev. Heinrich Busch, Rev. Simon Froben, Pastoral Advisor Barbara Göb, Dean Jürgen Gerhard Hacker, Dr. Matthias J. Kaiser, Rev. retired, Christoph von Knobelsdorff, Prof. Dr. Thomas Kriecherbauer, Prof. Dr. Markus Möstl, Prof. em. Prof. h.c. Dr. Wolfgang Schumann, Dean Dr. Josef Zerndl

Review of past events (partly in German):