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Investigating spider silk: Biomaterials research in Bayreuth.

Investigating spider silk: Biomaterials research in Bayreuth. ...more

A fruitful research environment.

Top-notch research thrives when scholars are given enough space to think and provided with plenty of inspiration. Scientific exchange profits from the wide variety of disciplines our communicative campus culture brings together.

The University of Bayreuth is dedicated to interdisciplinary research. Its research facilities and infrastructure provide an ideal setting for scientific work. Foreign scholars rate Bayreuth as one of the most attractive universities in Germany, consistently placing it among the top institutions in the Humboldt Rankings.

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Our reputation

Over the past several decades, the focus areas have helped the University of Bayreuth earn a solid international reputation in teaching and research. It is here that the University's drivers of scientific innovation meet. Researchers combine the strengths of their individual subject areas to address strategically chosen, cross-disciplinary research priorities. ...more

Junior scholars

The spirit of the University and its research environment are especially appealing to young researchers, who profit from the University's special support for young scholars.  ...more

Good scientific practice

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