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Early Career Scholars at the UBT

The University of Bayreuth places special emphasis on the furtherment of its promising young scholars. PhD students, postdocs, post-doctoral researchers, and junior professors find ideal conditions at the University of Bayreuth – to embark on an academic or a non-academic career.

During your doctoral course

You can do your doctorate in Bayreuth both in a doctoral programme at one of our graduate centres or individually at one of our seven faculties. PhD students are supported by the WiN Academy. It offers Graduate School programmes during the doctorate and its WiN-UBT programmes for young scholars after their doctorate.

University of Bayreuth Graduate School

The University of Bayreuth Graduate School nurtures and supports all doctoral students at the University of Bayreuth with a wide range of offerings. Membership is open to all doctoral students who are pursuing a doctorate in one of the doctoral programmes at a graduate centre or one of the seven faculties.

Our services at a glance

  • Financial support
  • Interdisciplinary seminars
  • Interdisciplinary networking
  • Services associated with doing a doctorate

After you doctorate: For postdocs, habilitation candidates, and junior professors

After your doctorate, the University of Bayreuth clears the way for your career path and aspirations as a postdoc or, in the case of a habilitation in Bayreuth, provides measures facilitating your specialist research. With its WiN-UBT programmes, the WiN-Academy offers a wide-ranging information and qualification programme that is specifically tailored to the needs of young academics.

Our service at a glance

  • Support measures for scientists after their doctorate
  • WiN qualification programmes and other qualification programmes
  • Award of certificates for additional interdisciplinary qualifications
  • Information on habilitation
  • Information on good scientific practice
  • Research support

Cooperative doctorate

Close links between the individual universities under the umbrella of TechnologieAllianzOberfranken (TAO for short) make the so-called cooperative doctorate possible, which is aimed at those interested in doing a doctorate with a master's degree from a university of applied sciences already under their belt. Graduates of the universities of Coburg and Hof thus have the opportunity to do a doctorate in cooperation with the universities of Bamberg and Bayreuth in all TAO subject areas, i.e. energy and mobility, materials, IT/sensor technology, and people & technology. Students are supervised during their doctorate by a university professor from Bamberg or Bayreuth and a professor from Coburg or Hof University of Applied Sciences. Details of admission requirements will need to be clarified with the respective department.

Did you know?

Alexander von Humboldt

The University of Bayreuth has a research centre for facilitating international research cooperation.

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