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Dual Career Support 

Are you just getting ready to join the University of Bayreuth? Is your partner looking to continue his or her career in the region? Do you have questions about childcare or schools in Bayreuth? The Office of Dual Career Support offers guidance and information to help you manage your personal dual career issues.

To ensure Dual Career Support is able to offer comprehensive individualized services, the office works together with its various partners – both on campus and off. Regional networking makes sure that the support is useful for its customers, whereas the university’s dual career guideline and its membership in a nationwide network ensure quality of the support.

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The University of Bayreuth is a member of the Dual Career Network of Northern Bavaria.

Logo of Dual Career Network Germany (DCND).

The University of Bayreuth is a member of Dual Career Network Germany (DCND).

For further information, please contact:

Mabel Braun, Universität Bayreuth

Dr. Mabel Braun

Dual Career Support

Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-7788
E-mail: dual.career@uni-bayreuth.de

Office: Room 0.14, INF/AI
Universitätsstr. 30, 95447 Bayreuth