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Scholarships and Grants

In Germany, as elsewhere, educational success is still too strongly linked to one's background. We want to encourage and support individuals so that their academic careers do not fail for lack of money. There are many public and private institutions that award scholarships to students and researchers, or provide financial support for study and research stays.

Organizations for the promotion of young talent

Scholarships for gifted students provide financial and non-material support for students with outstanding achievements in their academic education. In Germany, there are 13 funding organisations that award scholarships to students and doctoral candidates. The scholarship organisations for the gifted reflect the diversity of German society. They reflect the nation’s various ideological, religious, political, economic, and trade union-oriented currents.


Further funding programmes

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Information specifically for foreign students is available from the International Office.

Still haven‘t found what you’re looking for?

There are a large number of scholarships in Germany from state, municipal, trade union, and private institutions, as well as from the political parties. Since there are several hundred different private foundations with very different award criteria, we only refer to some of them on this webpage.