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Making research data useful

Research data form a basis for scientific work, and should therefore be handled and documented according to relevant professional standards throughout the entire research process - from data collection, to publication, and long-term availability. The University of Bayreuth is encouraging excellent research data management to underpin the excellence and integrity of its research.

Research data are data that are collected, observed, simulated, derived, or generated during the research process. This includes, among other things: measurement data, laboratory readings, audiovisual information, texts, survey data, objects from collections, samples, methodological test procedures, questionnaires, and simulations.

Sustainable research data management (FDM) includes the collection, storage, long-term preservation, and documentation of research data based on subject-specific standards. This makes the entire process of creating research data traceable and guarantees its quality - an important prerequisite for instances of follow-up research. The Research Data Management website provides comprehensive information on the topic of research data management at the University of Bayreuth.