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Collage of some research pictures of the focus areas

Focus Areas

In its Focus Areas, the University of Bayreuth puts into practice its commitment to interdisciplinarity, earning it national and international recognition. Here, researchers from different disciplines work together on socially relevant, interdisciplinary issues.

Verschiedene Lebensmittel stehen im Labor zur Untersuchung bereit
Isn't it reassuring to know that with the help of Bayreuth scientists, the quality and origin of our food will soon be tested with absolute certainty?

As diverse as the questions that occupy science today may be, researchers from different departments at the University of Bayreuth find many of the answers, working together in the Focus Areas.

Two steps to world-class research

Already established Focus Areas are designated Advanced Fields. These are recognised areas of research characterised by renowned research collaborations.

The Emerging Fields, on the other hand, comprise new interdisciplinary research foci in response to acute and socially-relevant research deficits.

Both categories offer researchers excellent opportunities to give a human face to future-oriented research.

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