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Research centres

Research centres at the University of Bayreuth are central academic institutions intended to strengthen the University's focus areas on a long-term basis. Research centres are designed to create good research conditions through networking, enable synergies, and lead to in-house optimisation and consolidation.

As a rule, interdisciplinary researchers from several faculties work together in the research centres. They define the goals to be achieved and orient their work towards these. The University of Bayreuth promotes the development of its research centres and helps them to fulfil their tasks.

The main task of the research centres is to organise and conduct interdisciplinary research, including the training of young researchers, and the acquisition of third-party funding. This also involves the procurement and operation of large-scale equipment, and the provision of central infrastructure for joint research. Interdisciplinary research applications, e.g. for the establishment of Collaborative Research Centres, Research Units, and other research associations, are coordinated and supported via the research centres.

Our research centres at a glance

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