The picture shows the campus of the University of Bayreuth from a bird's eye view.

Scrit – the messenger app of the University of Bayreuth.

Scrit provides the University of Bayreuth with a platform for internal communication. Through its connection to cmlife or CAMPUSonline, Scrit can draw on the university's organizational structure, which allows for targeted communication, especially to student groups.

Scrit makes communication faster, easier, and more direct. It is a central and secure platform for students, teachers, and administration. Scrit keeps you updated with the latest news about courses, chairs, and study programs. 

Scrit is available as part of cmlife, as well as standalone platform. When accessing cmlife, Scrit is available in the navigation bar under "News" after logging in. Directly, you can access the content at the Scrit website. Finally, as a free app, Scrit can be downloaded from the stores for both Android and iPhone. 

Through Scrit, members of the university can send direct messages to recipients, primarily students. Messages are displayed as push notifications directly on the smartphone when the app is installed, making them suitable for truly urgent communications, unlike mailings. As soon as a message has been composed on Scrit, it can be accessed immediately by the target group without delay. This is suitable, for example, for immediate room changes for courses or time and location changes for exams. 

Important institutions such as the central communication of the University of Bayreuth itself, the university library or the language center are already preset as predefined standard channels. In addition to these default subscribed channels, students receive news from all enrolled study programs, as well as the faculties and teaching units belonging to the study programs as permanently assigned channels. Additional dynamic channels and groups can be defined. 

For the sender, the time-consuming work of maintaining distribution lists is eliminated. In addition to the main purpose of informing the various target groups quickly and reliably, there is also information about the reading status. Senders can thus measure whether and how information has actually reached the addressees. This is especially important for timely and critical information, e.g. the postponement of an exam. 

On Scrit, messages can be created in four different areas.

  • Organizations: Under Organization all messages from faculties, teaching units and service centers of the University of Bayreuth are received.
  • Courses: Under Courses all messages from observed or registered courses are displayed.
  • Study programmes: If messages are essential for all students in a study programme, they will be sent via the channel of the study programme. All enrolled students of the study programme will thus receive the message. Via Scrit, the channel search can also view messages from other study programmes.
  • Groups: Groups represent a specific channel on Scrit. Senders can use Groups to target individual student groups in a program and notify them via the group.

More information on how to use and configure Scrit can be found at