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University Health Management: Healthy Working & Studying

The University of Bayreuth has set itself the goal of facilitating healthy living, working, and studying on campus. In addition to the professional training of students, the University setting is also increasingly focusing on approaches conducive to good health.

Various measures show that social interaction at the place of work and study has a very positive effect on coping with everyday demands. For this reason, it is important to create social interaction at the University of Bayreuth as well as the development of a healthy and nurturing culture of leadership.

Active working and studying should be encouraged. In the process, cross-cutting issues of health and sustainability are increasingly being discussed and tackled together. The promotion of mental health has a special place at the University of Bayreuth’s UGM.

Offers of University Health Management

The UGM team attaches great importance to a positive understanding of health in accordance with the motto 'What helps us stay healthy?’ For this reason, it has a range of health-promoting measures it offers to students and employees of the University of Bayreuth.

Well-being and relaxation

Well-informed with UGM

UGM@Home is a platform in e-learning with a collection of digitised health-promoting offers and suggestions for more exercise and relaxation at home or in the office.

UGM also provides numerous recommendations on resources, including books and podcasts, on the topic of mental health. These media are intended to serve as a source of information on issues related to academic life, self-worth and identity, and mental illness, and have been compiled with the help of psychological experts. In addition, UGM organises workshops on mental health.

Escape the stress in the Ecological Botanical Garden

The Ecological Botanical Garden at the University of Bayreuth offers balance amidst the greenery. You can take a stroll among plants and trees from all over the world, and linger at one of the many seating areas. The University of Bayreuth's barefoot path is also located here. Guests of the garden can walk barefoot on leaves, pine cones, moss, sand, and gravel, among other things, and enjoy the beneficial effects of different natural materials.

In addition, the Room of Silence offers space for regeneration away from everyday university life. It is a place for prayers, meditation, but also for moments of doing nothing in a relaxed atmosphere.

Healthy and fresh food on campus

Healthy nutrition is an important component of the UGM concept. For example, the daily menu of the Cafeteria is enhanced by the use of fresh herbs from the Ecological Botanical Garden. For those who prefer to cook healthy food themselves, fresh and seasonal vegetables are regularly available for purchase directly on site thanks to the Campus Gemüse Tüte (campus vegetable bag). GreenCampus brings together all activities related to sustainable food and drink.

Exercise and sport

Declaring war on tension

AktivPause (active break) is a short exercise and relaxation programme that focuses on mobilising, strengthening, stretching, and relaxing stressed muscle groups. AktivPause is offered both to students attending classes and to employees on campus - right at their workplace.

Discovering new paths

On the way on campus, BeWeg (route B) gives you an idea of the distance you cover on campus in your day. BeWeg is a route network that shows the various alternative routes on campus and the number of steps they require. In a similar way, CampusAktivPfad (campus active trail) is designed to encourage exercise. The circular path includes eight exercise stations for muscle mobilisation and strengthening, using one's own body weight with no further aids necessary, which can be completed, for example, during your lunch break.

Get out of the daily grind

When your batteries are flat, University Sport offers both students and employees many opportunities to get body and mind back into balance. From A for Aikido to Z for Zumba, there is a versatile and varied range of sports and exercise on offer, with something for everyone.