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University Sport

When the batteries are low, University Sport offers many opportunities to bring body and mind back into balance. From A for Aikido to Z for Zumba, there is a versatile and varied range of sport and exercise on offer, with something for everyone.

Bringing variety, relaxation, physical fitness, and balance into the often stressful everyday lives of students and staff - that's what the University of Bayreuth's University Sport programme is all about. The aim is for as many participants as possible to find their interests reflected in the wide range of activities on offer. The University Sport programme is primarily concerned with recreational sports. But that's not all. Even for participants who are interested in competitive sports, there are opportunities for training and competition in several sports.

Our Sport Facilities

A wide range of sports facilities are available at the University of Bayreuth. Most sports courses take place in the summer semester at the main University Sport facility. This comprises several sports fields, including tennis courts, and athletics facilities. There are also two beach volleyball courts and an archery range. Indoor sports facilities include the games hall, the gymnastics hall, and a weight room right next to the Department of Sport Science. Some courses also take place outside the University’s facilities, for example in the municipal ice stadium.

Sports programme

Sports courses for students

There is something for everyone in the diverse sports programme at the University of Bayreuth. In addition to team sports such as football, basketball, rugby, and lacrosse, martial arts such as jujitsu, karate, and capoeira are also offered. You can get out and about in the countryside together with the mountain bike group or the running club. Students can try out rhythmic movement in hip hop, ballet or Latin dance. Restorative courses such as yoga, qigong, and tai chi offer a chance to take a deep breath after a long day.

This is just a small selection of the courses on offer. The entire A-Z course programme of the University of Bayreuth is listed on the University Sport website. There you will find all the information you need to register. Most courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

Sports courses for University staff

For employees of the University, University Sport offers the A-Z courses for staff. These can be found in the sports programme for each semester respectively. These include AktivPause (active break) for staff, meditation, back health, and fascia training.

Exercise offerings of University Health Management

The University of Bayreuth has set itself the goal of making possible living, working, and studying on campus conducive to good health. The aim is to create a culture that promotes the well-being, motivation, and performance of both staff and students. The vision of the University Health Management (UGM) team at the University of Bayreuth is to create conditions in which people realise that they are what’s important.

University Sport is an important part of this vision and aims to promote an active lifestyle on campus.

AktivPause for students

AktivPause for students is a five-minute exercise and relaxation programme that is integrated into courses and conducted by trained coaches. The focus of the course series is on back pain and neck tension.

The goals are to provide some variety in everyday university life, to interrupt sedentary activity, thereby relieving stressed areas of the body and preventing damage to your health. Feedback from participants shows that students and lecturers feel much more alert and attentive after an exercise session.

AktivPause for staff

AktivPause for employees is a fifteen-minute exercise programme. We aim to encourage you to take an active break that doesn’t involve too much effort. The exercises are designed in such a way to be incorporated into your daily work routine at any time, without needing to change out of your normal work clothes.

The main components of the programme are mobilisation, strengthening, stretching, and relaxation. After a short warm-up with motivating exercises, your coach will focus on strengthening and stretching particularly stressed muscles. Each session ends with a short relaxation phase so that you can return to your workplace refreshed after the programme.

University of Bayreuth – partner of top-class sport

The German University Sports Association (adh) initiated the 'Partner University of Elite Sport' project with various partners in order to make it easier for student athletes to balance their studies and elite sport,. Since June 2018, the University of Bayreuth has also been able to call itself a 'Partner University of Top-level Sport'.

The 'Cooperation Agreement for the Promotion of Studying Top Athletes' aims, among other things, to allow outstanding athletes to connect more strongly to their place of study, and to strengthen cooperation with the top sports associations. For example, the University of Bayreuth supports squad members in gaining admission to their studies, while also providing them with personal mentors and subject advisors for individual study counselling.

Award ceremony partner university high-performance sport

Pleased about the 2018 cooperation agreement: Andreas Seiferth (2nd from left, Sport, Business & Law bachelor student at the University of Bayreuth as well as national basketball player and professional with Medi Bayreuth), and University President Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible (3rd from right).                                      © Pressestelle UBT