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Students on campus

You can't go there (yet)? Then just click your way around our green campus from home! ...more

A campus full of opportunities.

Whether you came to the University to study, work, or conduct research - there is one point on which we can all agree: newcomers feel at home here in no time at all. The campus is both the heart of the University and a source of inspiration. It is where friendships are made, collaboration is initiated, and ideas are conceived - and there is always something going on!

Find out more about life on campus >>

The latest ubtaktuell now in print

The latest issue of our campus magazine “ubtaktuell” (published in German) covers the many activities going on at our lively university.  ...more

We look forward to your ideas!

Our campus is a place where ideas have room to unfold. To keep improving the University of Bayreuth’s environment for working, researching, teaching, and studying, we need your ideas and creativity. The Idea Management Tool provides an easy way to send your suggestions to us. ...more

University Shop

You’ll find University accessories and clothing articles as well as some great gift ideas right here on campus. The shop offers a wide range of merchandise including University hoodies and gym bags, our mascot (the raven “Abraxas”), and our Campus wine in the typical Franconian Bocksbeutel. ...more

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