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Top marks in CHE Ranking for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences. ...more

A university of innovative thinking.

How could a university in scenic northern Bavaria become a powerhouse capable of attracting gifted students and first class researchers?

There is no one right answer to this question. Factors include the strength of the subject areas taught by our faculties and of our focus areas: our strategically chosen interdisciplinary research priorities. These focus areas provide a means of bundling the university’s interdisciplinary expertise, creating synergies with enormous innovative potential. Institutes active in the focus areas include the Bavarian Research Institute of Experimental Geochemistry & Geophysics, known worldwide for its excellence, the internationally renowned Institute of African Studies, and the Bayreuth Centre for Colloids & Interfaces, a motor of innovation for materials of the future.

Finally, there is our compact campus, the heart of the university and a source of inspiration. It is here that friendships are made, collaboration is initiated, and ideas are conceived, ensuring that our university remains a beacon of innovation. If you need space to let your ideas unfold, look no further.

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Our vision

In retrospect, it is now clear how prudent it was back in 1975 to establish a university based on combining strong subject areas with interdisciplinary research and teaching. This is the only way to address the issues facing our globalized society ...more

Family-friendly university

As a family-oriented university, we pride ourselves on offering ideal conditions for balancing a career, a course of studies, and a family. For our dedication in this area, the University of Bayreuth has the privilege of calling itself a family-friendly university. In 2016, the University of Bayreuth signed a charter to become a member of the best practice club for “Family in Higher Education”. ...more


Our collaborative research centres and research training groups have been conducting top-notch research and bringing in millions in DFG funding for over 30 years. Some of the University of Bayreuth’s focus areas are even included among the leading research groups in the DFG Funding Ranking. ...more

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