Five light bulbs hanging next to each other, only the middle one lights up

Energy-saving measures at the University of Bayreuth

The current energy crisis also has an impact on the operation of the University of Bayreuth. For the year 2022, we anticipate an increase in total energy costs –  i.e. for electricity, heating, cooling and natural gas –  of at least 25 percent compared to the pre-Corona year 2019.

As the University of Bayreuth, we want to be prepared for any energy bottleneck that may occur and for the increased and possibly further rising energy costs. Therefore, we have already implemented centrally controlled energy-saving measures.

In addition, each person can individually contribute to saving energy in all our buildings, e.g. by saving lighting or heating in offices and rooms for teaching events. With optimised usage behaviour, savings of approx. 5% are possible as a result.

Further savings can certainly also be achieved in the natural sciences and engineering laboratories, which by their nature have particularly high energy consumption. The people working here are familiar with the respective technical equipment and can therefore decide in the best possible way which measures are appropriate and target-oriented.

Please, support us in this endeavour!


In energy-intensive sectors, the first centrally controlled measures have already been taken in recent weeks.

Individual energy saving

Every member of the University of Bayreuth can also contribute individually to saving energy.