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Arbeiten an der Universität Bayreuth

Our campus – your workplace.

Our tight-knit campus community, outstanding research environment, and position in the Humboldt rankings are what most people think of when describing the spirit of the University of Bayreuth. However, much of the credit for the University’s excellent reputation is due to our many dedicated employees, working hard to ensure university operations run smoothly.

There are currently around 13,330 students enrolled in around 160 different programmes of study at the University of Bayreuth. With ca. 1,330 members of the academic staff (of whom there are 240 professors) and 985 non-academic staff members, the University of Bayreuth is one of the region’s largest employers.

Equal opportunities: unlocking innovative potential

The fact that the University has consistently followed the policy of Equal Opportunities is paying off. Naturally, we think that men and women should have the same chances, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, or disability. In this spirit, the university is striving to increase the number of women in management positions as well as in the natural sciences and technical fields. The Equal Opportunities Department and Women’s Representative actively support this endeavour, helping the University to enforce its non-discrimination policies and ensure that gender equality prevails.

Certified “family-friendly university”

As a family-oriented university, we pride ourselves on offering ideal conditions for balancing a career, a course of studies, and a family. For our dedication in this area, the University of Bayreuth has the privilege of calling itself a family-friendly university. The Hertie Foundation’s “work and family audit” returned a favourable review of the work/family infrastructure on campus following the successful audits of 2006, 2010, and 2013. In 2016, the University of Bayreuth signed a charter to become a member of the best practice club for “Family in Higher Education”.

Healthy body, healthy mind.

Naturally, there are no strict boundaries between living, working, and studying at the University of Bayreuth. The University’s Health Management Division promotes a healthy Campus Life to protect your well-being through occupational health and safety services, Addiction Prevention, Mediation, and University Sport.

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