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Grammar school teacher training in Bayreuth

Is it your dream to teach at a Gymnasium (grammar school) one day? Then a teacher training programme at the University of Bayreuth is the right choice for you! Here you can expect a challenging degree programme that is characterised by a special emphasis on subject-specific science, subject-specific didactics, educational science, and a large component of practical school experience.

Stay flexible

In the teacher training programme for grammar schools, the study programme comprises two teaching subjects from among the combination options given, as well as the study of educational sciences. The programme is divided into a bachelor's and a master's phase. In the bachelor's phase, you choose a first subject, which you first study in depth and on which you write a bachelor's thesis. The bachelor's thesis corresponds to the written term paper (= admission thesis). You will be awarded a bachelor's degree in this subject, either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts, depending on the subject.

This study structure, with a subject-related bachelor's degree as an intermediate stage, is a special feature of the University of Bayreuth and is intended to facilitate entry into a subject-related master's degree programme, should you decide not to continue your teacher training studies. Depending on the master's programme, subject-specific bridging modules may then be necessary.

Your master’s degree course for teaching at a grammar school

In the master's phase, you will study the second subject and educational sciences more intensively. Afterwards, you can take the First State Examination (=1st State Examination) directly or additionally acquire the title Master of Education by writing a master's thesis. The First State Examination is a prerequisite for admission to the preparatory service (= traineeship) and sitting the Second State Examination in the Free State of Bavaria.

Essential details at a glance


Staatsexamen, B.Sc. bzw. B.A.; M.Ed.

Admission requirements

General or relevant subject-linked higher education entrance qualification or vocational qualification; language skills: German B2

Admission restrictions

Aptitude test for sports and English

Start of studies

Winter semester

The German-History combination can also be started in the summer semester.

The Master's programmes can be started in the winter and summer semester.

Standard Period of Study

10 semesters (6 bachelor’s, 4 master’s)

Language of instruction


Programme coordination

List of representatives of the individual subjects taught (PDF)

Examination authority responsible

Modulhandbücher (siehe Studiengangsfinder/Fachseiten), bachelor‘s examination regulations, master‘s examination regulations, LPO I

Examination authority responsible

Teacher training examination authority


Grammar school teacher training (in German)

Subjects offered

The University of Bayreuth offers Gymnasium Teacher Training in the following subjects:

When enrolling, you decide on a specific combination of two subjects. You can find out exactly which combinations are possible in Bayreuth on the overview pages for the individual types of teacher training.

*includes aptitude test

The advantages of the Bayreuth programme

Teacher training is not a one-way street

Thanks to the model study programme for grammar school teachers, students at the University of Bayreuth no longer have to commit to a career as a teacher right at the beginning of their studies. Your bachelor's degree qualifies you for a teacher training master's programme as well as a subject-specific master's programme in your first subject.

Subject didactics given high priority

We attach great importance to a sound education in the didactics of your two subjects. That is why the subject didactics component of your studies is significantly higher than required by the Bavarian teacher examination regulations.

High practical content

There is no substitute for the experience you gain in a school internship. That's why at the University of Bayreuth you can complete a subject didactic internship in two subjects at once, which links your studies even more tightly with school practice. In addition, your internships are accompanied by group seminars kept deliberately small.

Master's degree and traineeship can be combined

The grammar school teacher training programme in Bayreuth offers you another advantage. You can combine the content of your master's thesis with the written term paper for the Second State Examination, provided the master's thesis is in the field of subject didactics or educational science. This means that your master's thesis deals with an academic subject area that you can then refer to in your traineeship. There is no better way to combine the content of your studies with your practical work as a future teacher.

Better career prospects even outside school

If you decide not to become a teacher during your studies, you will have an academic degree in your Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts or Master of Education, which will open up further perspectives for you on the labour market.

Lena Freudenberger
"I chose the University of Bayreuth because it is a small, familiar campus university and offers this model degree programme. The fact that I have an academic title in my two subjects, mathematics and physics, in my pocket after six semesters of the Bachelor of Science is an invaluable advantage and means a lot to me personally! During my studies, I could have switched to the subject-specific studies at any time, but becoming a teacher is what I have always wanted!"

Lena Freudenberger, Student Grammar School STEM Teacher Training