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Ideas are Germany's lifeblood.

Our country is engaged in global competition, and we need talented young specialists now more than ever before. Specialists who live up to the standard "Made in Germany" in research, technology, and science are needed to provide effective solutions to the future's most pressing problems. However, experts and leaders are in short supply in Germany. And demand continues to grow. It is high time to improve support for young talent at our institutions of higher learning, including the University of Bayreuth.

Help actively shape the future of Germany and Upper Franconia.

The University of Bayreuth values close cooperation with regional businesses and entrepreneurs in the manufacturing, commerce, service, and skilled craft sectors. We have already created a reservoir of highly qualified university graduates employed by regional businesses. Our many institutes for research, teaching, and continuing education provide an excellent basis for maintaining a competitive edge by using knowledge as a production factor.

Support the outstanding talent our country needs.

For instance, you could join our University Association (Universitätsverein), provide strategic support for students with a Germany Scholarship, or support a whole educational network by way of the Science Foundation of Upper Franconia (Wissenschaftsstiftung Oberfranken). Your contribution will go towards supporting talented students and researchers, and you will be investing in a research institution that will help ensure that Germany remains an attractive location for scholarly research for years to come. Among the University’s friends and supporters was former agriculture minister Simon Nüssel, who established the Simon Nüssel Foundation. This Foundation continues to provide financial support for research projects in the fields of nutrition and agriculture. Our International Club (Internationale Club für die Universität Bayreuth e.V.) actively promotes international understanding, as well as the Europeanisation of the University together with a thoroughly international orientation.

The University of Bayreuth would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested joining the University's friends and supporters. You can look forward to a lively exchange with an exciting university whose students, alumni, faculties, and supporters are dedicated to thinking and operating in an interdisciplinary way. 

We look forward to speaking with you!


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