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Rankings and Reputation.

The University of Bayreuth has earned itself an excellent reputation, both nationally and internationally. In 1975, it was one of Germany's first universities to be established with an interdisciplinary founding mission, and it has since become a leader in innovative research and teaching.

The University of Bayreuth attributes its success in the various rankings to the international visibility of its scholars, whose research is widely cited, thereby influencing future scientific and technological developments.

Times Higher Education Ranking

The University of Bayreuth has earned a global position as a strong higher education institution with internationally visible teaching and research. In the World University Ranking 2017, the young campus university ranks among the frontrunners.

The campus university is also rated among the top young universities according to the Times Higher Education worldwide "Young University Ranking". This ranking focuses on the top 250 universities worldwide which were founded less than 50 years ago. ...more

Humboldt Rankings

The spirit of the University and its outstanding research environment are winning over more and more internationally renowned scholars.  Foreign scholars rate Bayreuth as one of the most attractive universities in Germany, consistently placing it among the top institutions in the Humboldt Rankings. Apart from the University of Bayreuth, only three other German universities made it in the top 100. ...more

German Research Foundation (DFG) Ranking

Over the past 10 years, the University of Bayreuth has been able to increase its DFG research funding by 40%. The ratio of research funding to academic staff makes it clear that the University of Bayreuth combines its broad range of subject areas with high-level research.  ...more

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