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A large selection of healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, fish and cereals on a table. In between are laboratory utensils.

Food Quality and Safety, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Food is fundamentally different from other goods: It consists of (parts of) organisms that were alive or still are. In addition to the higher complexity of its composition and the variation in its starting materials, this results in a greater risk of variability during production, transport, and storage. How do we supply as many people as possible in the most sustainable ways with high-quality, healthy food? You will deal with this and similar questions in the master’s programme "Food Quality and Safety".
Helen Regina
I chose Food Quality and Safety at the University of Bayreuth because the degree addresses the complexities and challenges posed by the food industry from various perspectives. I am pleased with the fact that Kulmbach is a food industry hub with breweries and the reputable Max Rubner Institut. The professors, study service and student support team continuously ensured that each of us felt welcomed and that was the icing on the cake for me.

Helen Regina, Master student "Food Quality & Safety"

Any more questions? Please contact the coordinator of the degree programme.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Baldermann

Prof. Dr. Susanne Baldermann

Coordinator of the degree programme Food Quality and Safety (M.Sc.)

Phone.: +49 (0)9221/407 1081
E-mail: fqs@uni-bayreuth.de

Fritz-Hornschuch-Straße 13, 95326 Kulmbach 

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