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Unlocking synergies and sharing know-how and expertise.

The Technology Alliance of Upper Franconia (TAO) is an association in the region of Upper Franconia dedicated to unlocking and further developing synergies between the Universities of Bamburg and Bayreuth and the Universities of Applied Science in Coburg and Hof in the areas of research and teaching. In the area of teaching, the advantages and benefits of subject- and topic-specific collaboration lie in the extensive range of opportunities to study or take part in continuing education courses. In the area of research, the value and knowledge creation chains are synergistically complemented and collaborative doctoral opportunities are identified.

In addition, new teaching and study opportunities are to be created in knowledge and technology transfer, including the intensification of continuing education opportunities in cooperation with academic institutions and the regional economy.

Joint Topics

  • Easing the transition from bachelor's to master's programmes
  • Integration of research and development
  • Joint research and development projects
  • Collaborative doctoral research
  • Strengthening the links between science and industry (technology transfer and continuing education)
  • Services for businesses

Research and Development Opportunities

  • Organization of "expertise tours"
  • Organization of workshops on specific topics and advising with regard to drafting grant proposals
  • Development of strategic partnerships
  • Development of continuing education opportunities


Webmaster: Dr. Anja Chales de Beaulieu

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