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Top Marks for the University

We are proud that the quality of our research and study environment is confirmed by external assessment committees. Here you will find a selection of certificates and awards the University of Bayreuth has earned over the past couple of years. Our ranking results can be found in our separate ranking overview

Best-Practice-Club "Familie in der Hochschule"

Certified “family-friendly university”

As a family-oriented university, we pride ourselves on offering ideal conditions for balancing a career, a course of studies, and a family. The family-friendly infrastructure of our campus received favourable reviews from the Hertie Foundation in 2006, 2010, and 2013. In 2016, the University of Bayreuth joined the best practice club dedicated to Family at Higher Education Institutions and signed the corresponding charter.

Universität Bayreuth wird ‚barrierefrei‘(er)

Improved handicap accessibility at the University of Bayreuth

Barrier-free learning is one of the University of Bayreuth's chief goals. Every student at our university should have the same chances to earn a university degree and to participate in social activities. The University of Bayreuth was presented with the Barrier-Free Bavaria Award by Secretary of Science and Education Bernd Sibler.

Bavaria's first Fairtrade university

We received the Fairtrade University Award in recognition of the intensive measures we took to create a "Green Campus", made possible by the combined efforts of our staff and our dedicated students working in cooperation with the local Association for Student Affairs. 

Gütesiegel für Studium und Lehre

Seal of quality for teaching and learning

Thanks to our quality assurance system for teaching and learning, the University of Bayreuth was also one of the first universities in Bavaria to successfully complete system accreditation.

Successful internationalization

In 2012/13, the University of Bayreuth, with its internationalisation strategy, has for the first time submitted itself to the audit "Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions" of the German Rectors' Conference, funded by the Federal Government. The successful completion of the three-year re-audit in October 2019 attests to the fact that our university has committed itself to clear internationalization goals and is systematically pursuing them.

DHV's Hallmark

Fair and transparent appointment negotiations at the University of Bayreuth

Appointment and contract negotiations at the University of Bayreuth are characterized by fairness, respect, transparency, and reliability. The University of Bayreuth was recognized for this in 2018, being awarded the Seal of Quality of the German Association of University Professors and

Lecturers (DHV) for fair and transparent appointment negotiations. 

Logo Partnerhochschule des Spitzensports

The University of Bayreuth is a “Partner University of Top-Level Sports” 

The German College Sports Association (adh) launched the project “Partner University of Top-Level Sports” in cooperation with several partners to help leading athletes achieve a balance between their studies and top-level sport. The University of Bayreuth has been a certified Partner University of Top-Level Sports since June 2018.

Urkunde Gesunde Belegschaft

Healthy Staff

In the year 2013, the University of Bayreuth set out to actively promote good health by establishing University Health Management. Since then, we have been concentrating on making work, study, and being on campus at the University of Bayreuth as healthy as possible, and to meet the needs and requirements of our employees and students. In 2020, the University of Bayreuth was awarded the nationwide Corporate Health Initiative’s Healthy Workforce seal of quality. The seal is one of the most prestigious awards for outstanding programmes and measures in the field of health promotion.

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