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Catch up on all the goings-on in research on Campus in Spektrum magazine 

Would you have thought that the Airbus 380 gets airborne on materials pioneered in Bayreuth?  And isn't it reassuring to know that, with the help of some ingenious Bayreuth science, the quality and origin of foodstuffs will soon be tested with high precision? Did you know that spider silk has five times the tensile strength of steel, but is just as elastic as rubber? You didn't?  In our Spektrum magazine, you will always gain an insight into the topics our researchers are working on, and the innovations that are being developed on the Campus of the University of Bayreuth.

Topic of the current issue: Batteries

In view of climate change, sustainability in energy supply is definitely one of the crucial issues of the 21st century.  And new energy storage technologies are playing a key role here.  It is not just a question of reducing CO2 emissions by expanding electromobility. Stationary storage systems in private households, industrial plants, and public institutions will also help to further increase the share of renewable energies.  Meanwhile, the social and ecological problems associated with the mining of the raw materials required for today's batteries could be solved by developing battery storage systems based on new, readily available, and recyclable materials.

Titelblatt Spektrum Ausgabe 01/2019

Find out in the current Spektrum, among other things, about the availability of raw materials for the production of conventional batteries, about flow batteries, plastic-based batteries, and about the challenges currently being faced in the production of lithium-ion batteries.  Learn how battery modelling opens up new ways of understanding and designing electrochemical energy storage devices, and how simulations can help improve their thermal management.  Under the heading of "Energy Systems" you will find articles on electric vehicles, smart homes, and the energy-optimized operation of industrial and municipal facilities. As an example of future prospects, it shows how regional partners will jointly shape their energy future, and the role batteries could play in a sustainable energy sector.  Finally, a look back into the history of science explains how the battery came to be invented.

Issue I/2019

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