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Studium Generale ​at the University of Bayreuth

Focusing on the bigger picture with the University of Bayreuth’s Studium Generale programme. In addition to your main degree programme, you can take advantage of courses that go beyond your subject area. This enables you to gain a variety of insights into other, current socially relevant areas outside the focus of your studies. The Studium Generale programme also aims to promote interdisciplinary work and teach you extracurricular skills relevant to your profession.

We offer courses in these five thematic areas:

  • Digital World
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Gender & Diversity
  • Sustainability
  • Philosophy of Science

Studium Generale courses can be incorporated into degree programmes in designated windows and are additionally listed in the Transcript of Records. Course offered within the scope of Studium Generale are not graded, but are rather assessed on a pass-fail basis. 

Studium Generale is made up of the following three modules. You can earn a maximum of 15 credit points individually depending on the number of courses attended throughout your entire bachelor's/master's programme.

Module A (5 ​credits)

Module A consists of two consecutive courses, both of which you complete and conclude with a written examination. 

  • Part A.1
    The Bayreuth Lectures deal with current, scientific topics from the areas of the digital world, entrepreneurship & innovation, gender & diversity, sustainability as well as from the field of philosophy of science. Up to three Bayreuth Lectures are offered per semester. The Bayreuth Lectures are an extracurricular events and take place every Monday from 6 to 8 pm. Exciting scholars visit our campus to bring you inspiring lectures. Students from all disciplines are invited to attend the Bayreuth Lectures multiple times. In order to earn credit points for Module A, you must attend one Bayreuth Lecture and complete the corresponding course from Part A.2.

  • Part A.2
    Part A.2 consists of a thematic accompanying format to the Bayreuth Lectures, which takes place one week after the corresponding Bayreuth Lecture, on Mondays from 6 to 8 pm. The accompanying format offers an in-depth and thematic follow-up to the corresponding Bayreuth Lecture. This accompanying format is a one-time event and concludes Module A with a written examination.

Module B (5 credits)

Module B of the Studium Generale programme consists of an accompanying seminar, which takes place weekly (2 semester hours) and on a fixed date, or in block form. The topics of the accompanying seminars are based on one of the Bayreuth Lectures offered and deepen these. In order to attend this accompanying seminar, it is recommended, but not necessary, to have also attended the corresponding Bayreuth Lectures. (The module can be selected from April 2024).

Module C (5 credits)

Module C of the Studium Generale programme draws on the existing courses offered by the faculties and takes place weekly on a fixed date or in block form (2 semester hours). The courses are assigned to one of the five subject areas of Studium Generale. Generally, these courses have an introductory character or contain a general introductory part so that students from outside the subject area can also follow the course content. (The module can be selected from April 2024).

After registering, you will find the Studium Generale programme in cmlife under your
active studies.

Registering for Studium Generale

Once you have registered, you can take advantage of the programme for the entire duration of your studies. After registering, you will find the Studium Generale programme in cmlife.