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​Digital teaching offerings from around campus

For the 2020/21 winter semester, we have decided in favour of studying in face-to-face mode with varying degrees of digital content. In particular, we would like to offer new bachelor’s and master’s students, in their first semester, the opportunity to discover in person the campus and the University's way of working and living – subject, of course, to the hygiene provisions that apply when the time comes. All other courses will provide didactically appropriate, hybrid forms of digital and analogue teaching where possible, taking advantage of extended teaching hours. However, if not otherwise feasible, we will still offer some purely digital courses. 
​An overview of the necessary and proven tools can be found on these pages.

Please contact the IT Service Center with your general questions about technical solutions: ITS Helpdesk (+49 921 55-3003; its-beratung@uni-bayreuth.de). 

Please also note the information under www.its.uni-bayreuth.de.

For didactic questions concerning the implementation of digital teaching formats, please contact Fortbildungszentrum Hochschullehre. 

The support services offered by FBZHL can be found at​ www.fbzhl.uni-bayreuth.de.

Zentralbibliothek der Uni Bayreuth von oben

Many providers of digital media are reacting to the current increase in demand and are making their products available free of charge for a limited period of time or allowing extended use.

The University Library offers an overview of electronic media that can currently be used free of charge.

Hand auf Computertastatur

There is a wide range of high-quality online courses offered by various external providers for students. The courses offered cover all subject areas and can usually be used free of charge. The crediting of a course is to be clarified with the lecturer.

Click here for an overview of the online course offerings

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Students with disabilities depend on your (digital) teaching being barrier-free. 

Information on the barrier-free preparation of your teaching materials is available in the e-learning course "Barrier-free digital teaching at the University of Bayreuth" (in german language).

Overview of tools for online teaching 

We provide numerous tools to support digital teaching, which are described below. In addition, we would like to explicitly point out the possibility for teachers to produce screencasts and webinars themselves. Under the following link you will find a short guide to the production of webinars and provision of screencasts with the Panopto Recorder:

In order to download the Panopto Recorder, you must be unlocked once. This happens automatically as soon as you have linked an e-learning course with Panopto for the first time - or you can send an e-mail to elearning@uni-bayreuth.de.

We assume that our e-learning system and screencast services with Panopto will be able to withstand the expected higher demand, but are preparing to increase capacity if necessary. 

Please note: For accessing and working on the e-learning platform as well as with Panopto, no VPN connection is required and is also not conducive, since otherwise all requests to the server are first redirected and not directly processed.


Moodle – the learning platform of the University of Bayreuth 


e-Learning is the central teaching and learning platform of the University of Bayreuth. Based on the free software Moodle, the platform offers you the following possibilities of exchanging information and material with your students beyond the classroom:

  • Communication: Via e-learning you can communicate with your students in different ways. These include discussion forums, personal messages to individual users or user groups, and surveys. 
  • Collaboration: With the activity "Etherpad lite" you can work simultaneously, with each other in real time on a document or create a protocol. An export as PDF or in Word format for post-processing is also possible.
  • Document sharing: You can provide course participants with a wide variety of documents for download, such as: scripts, presentations, exercise materials, etc. Alternatively, you can link directly to external Internet sources. 
  • Submissions via the activity task: In your course, students can submit edited texts and documents, such as homework or exercise sheets, digitally and thus make them available to you and your tutors for correction. After correction, you can then provide individual feedback on the submission to students
  • Checking the learning progress: To check the respective learning progress you can provide quizzes or questionnaires from multiple choice and free-text tasks via the activity "Test" in e-learning, which can be edited by the course participants. Afterwards they can be assessed either (partially) automatically or manually. 
  • H5P: The activity "Interactive Content" is also available. This allows you to create complex content such as interactive videos, questionnaires, drag-and-drop questions, multiple choice questions, presentations and much more. You can find out more about the possibilities of H5P at h5p.org

At "https://docs.moodle.org/35/en/Managing_a_Moodle_course" you will find detailed documentation for managing your e-learning courses. If you need help, please contact elearning@uni-bayreuth.de at any time. 

e-Lectures with Panopto

The video platform of the University of Bayreuth 


E-Lectures can be carried out in three different scenarios. However, it is not only the classic lecture recording in a lecture hall with a control room that leads to high-quality videos. Every lecturer can also make a lecture, seminar or exercise available to the students live or asynchronously as a webinar on a small scale via self recording and/or screencast. The third scenario is the creation of learning videos with which topics or contents can be briefly introduced and explained. With the Panopto Recorder tool, lecturers can implement many ideas directly on and with their own computers.

In order to download the Panopto Recorder, you must be unlocked once. This happens automatically as soon as you have linked an e-learning course with Panopto for the first time - or you can send an e-mail to elearning@uni-bayreuth.de.

Panopto is a web-based video content management system for recording, editing, providing and managing videos. It can be accessed either directly via the web interface or for moodle integration to provide content in your e-learning course. Panopto offers you the following functions:

  • Video recording: With the aid of the associated software "Panopto Recorder", you can record videos and screencasts with your workstation computer (PC or notebook with Windows or macOS). 
  • Video editing: You can edit video and audio afterwards and add quizzes. 
  • Live transmission: During the video recording, a live stream can also be transmitted, which you can make accessible via a link. 
  • Manage and share videos in a video library: You decide who can see your videos - only the participants of a specific VC course, other selected people or all users of the Internet. You also decide whether a video can be viewed only or also downloaded. You can also make existing videos available via the Panopto video platform. Access is via your university user account. 
  • Integration into e-learning: There is a direct connection between the Panopto and Moodle servers. Access to your videos is restricted to your students. They can be linked in a block or displayed directly in a section of your e-Learning course. 
  • Device specific display: Your students can access videos via different end devices (PC, tablets, mobile phones). The videos are automatically adapted to specific devices. 
  • Note function: Students can add notes to the videos and share them with other students. 

With Panopto you can pre-record lectures or webinars and make them available in the e-learning system. Presentations including sound can also be recorded on the PC. The recording of the presentation can be integrated into the e-learning system. 

Video, Audio & Web Conferences

DFNconf – the conference service in the German Research Network


With DFNconf you can broadcast your lecture or other event live and provide it to many participants.

  • A DFNconf meeting, which is suitable for interactive formats with few participants, can usually be attended by up to 23 people.
  • For events with larger numbers of participants, DFN-Verein recommends to use the option of streaming DFNconf conferences, since there is no limit to the number of viewers. Especially for lectures that are aimed at a larger audience, this option should be more convenient for all participants. There is even a feedback channel for two-way communication with the text chat on the stream side, so that lecturers can also take up and answer questions or comments from the audience during the lecture. 
  • Web meetings with Adobe Connect: Adobe Connect enables web meetings, webinars, and online courses with up to 200 participants. Adobe Connect also enables file and document sharing and collaborative, digital group work - a "virtual classroom" scenario.

Flyer Video, Audio Web Conferences (pdf, German)

Further information on the use and operation of DFNconf can be found on the pages of the German Research Network:


Since this central service is provided for all DFN members in Germany, the service is expected to be heavily used during the daytime in core hours. If demand is high, DFN will continue to limit the number of participants in a conference. Work is currently underway to expand capacities.

Skype for Business from Microsoft


In order to counteract the expected higher demand for video and audio conferences and to relieve the DFNconf service, the IT Service Center provides Skype for Business Accounts to all employees and students of the University of Bayreuth. Skype for Business is no longer actively developed by Microsoft and is therefore only provided temporarily due to the current situation. 

  • Skype for Business allows you to hold audio conferences with up to 250 people, which makes it suitable for small synchronized courses, among other things. In addition, Skype allows you to have a live chat to easily communicate and coordinate with your colleagues* and students. 
  • To enable Skype for Business, you must agree to Microsoft processing your data in the ITS-Portal under "Erklärungen" (Declarations). The Microsoft Office 365 Cloud - unlike other cloud services or popular social networks - complies with European privacy standards and does not aim to use your data for advertising or similar purposes. The provision of Skype for Business by Microsoft will take up to 24 hours once requested.

Quick guides:

Activation and installation of Skype For Business – Office 365 (pdf)

First start and initial configuration of Skype for Business (pdf)

Skype for Business: Use in lectures (pdf)

More detailed information can be found on the pages of the IT Service Center at www.its.uni-bayreuth.de/skype.


In order to support online courses, the University of Bayreuth has expanded its offer to include zoom and has acquired a license for the entire campus. This means that all employees and students of the University of Bayreuth can use Zoom to conduct courses or for group work.

Access to Zoom is exclusively via uni-bayreuth.zoom.us. On Zoom.com or in the Zoom App click on "Sign in with SSO" and enter uni-bayreuth.zoom.us in the next step. You can use your BT credentials and the corresponding password to log in to Zoom via the login service of the University of Bayreuth. A new licensed profile will be created. Please address any questions to zoom@uni-bayreuth.de

At the first access only the first name, the surname and the e-mail address are transmitted to Zoom. The password is not transmitted. Future registrations will also be made via uni-bayreuth.zoom.us, the authentication with ID and password at the University of Bayreuth. You can then hold your own video conferences with up to 300 participants.

ITS-Media loans

Hardware for video and audio recording for loan

​If you need a webcam or a microphone, please contact the ITS Medienausleihe (Tel. +49 921 55-2002, opening hours Mo-Fr 08:00-14:30, mm-ausleihe@uni-bayreuth.de).

For the production of lecture recordings in which larger experiments are to be integrated, Lecture Hall H15, renovated in 2018, is available with a full complement of recording equipment.. 

Further information on the digitisation of teaching

The Fortbildungszentrum Hochschullehre at the University of Bayreuth has also put together further offerings:

In addition, FBZHL offers personal consultations and support for the design and implementation of courses in digital, hybrid or face-to-face format.

For more information and event announcements, please visit ​https://www.fbzhl.uni-bayreuth.de.

At this point you can also access a selection of websites that also offer recommendations, tools and tips for the (rapid) digitisation of teaching (German):

Online offerings from (MOOC) platforms

You can also refer to existing online offerings or integrate learning units from other universities into your teaching.  There are complete courses, including videos and prepared interactive elements, which can be directly integrated into study programmes after the course coordinators have approved them.

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