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Pre-courses in mathematics and Online mathematics Bridging course OBM+

Anyone starting a degree programme wants to be well prepared! That's why the University of Bayreuth offers one to two-week pre-courses in mathematics for prospective students of STEM subjects each winter semester (and sometimes also in the summer semester) before they start their studies.

Here, mathematical ways of thinking are introduced and school material is revised in lectures and tutorials. The current dates for this are published on the webpages of the Student Administration Office. 

Online Mathematics Bridging Course OMB+

In addition, there is now also an external online offering for independent preparation for the compulsory mathematics courses in the degree programme: the Online Mathematics Bridging Course OMB+

The OMB+ consists of 10 chapters and 3 additional modules, each containing the following components: Recap of mathematical content with explanatory text and interactive images, exercises, training tasks, quizzes for comprehension and "final exams". All concepts are explained in the course and therefore no additional aids are necessary. The course is designed to take a total of about 60 hours to complete. The OMB+ offers the greatest possible flexibility: You can work online where, when, and as often as you want. All that is needed is an Internet connection with a standard browser. Students can choose to study alone or together with other course participants in a virtual tutorial.

As a special bonus, a specially trained team of tutors at the OMB+ Call Centre is available daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. – including weekends  – to answer any questions about the course.

The OMB+ Call Centre can be reached daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at:

Take advantage of our offers for optimal preparation for your studies in the STEM subjects. We look forward to your participation and wish you a successful start to your studies!