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Research facilites

World-class research demands a strong infrastructure.

The University of Bayreuth's excellent research infrastructure helps ensure a work environment that is well-respected internationally.

Our research units and research centres provide an ideal environment for interdisciplinary research. Scientific exchange between research groups at the various faculties benefits from the unique advantages of a central campus such as the stimulating atmosphere, having everything you need right at your doorstep, and the close contact between the various subject areas. This enables us to tap key synergies that get members involved in a long-term network of cooperation and help optimize their work.

We have intensified our external cooperation with non-university research institutions to further improve Bayreuth’s stimulating environment for science and industry. The latest examples are networks with other Bavarian universities, Fraunhofer project groups, and the institutes associated with the University carrying out leading research in the vicinity of Bayreuth’s campus with practitioners and end-users: 

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