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Warum Bayreuth?

Welcome to a campus full of opportunities.

In retrospect, it is now clear how prudent it was back in 1975 to establish a university based on combining strong subject areas with interdisciplinary research and teaching. The questions facing our globalized society are becoming more and more complex. The right answers can only be found through close, cross-disciplinary cooperation – one of the University’s main assets. The University of Bayreuth is characterized by academic freedom, scientific progress, and practical relevance, all of which are understood in the context of social and cultural responsibility.

The place to meet highly qualified young talent.

The close connection between theory and practice is crucial at the University of Bayreuth, even in our programmes of study. It is for this reason that we established the CareerForum back in 1989.

The Forum is open to all students, regardless of their subject area, and offers participating businesses and potential future employees a first-rate platform for getting to know one another. This has led to the development of close cooperation with regional businesses and entrepreneurs in the manufacturing, commerce, service, and skilled craft sectors. The University of Bayreuth has already created a reservoir of highly qualified university graduates employed by regional businesses. Our many institutes for research, and teaching provide an excellent basis for maintaining a competitive edge by using knowledge as a production factor.

A continuing education centre right at your doorstep.

Over the next few years, cooperation with regional businesses will become even more intensive. For instance, we are currently working on setting up continuing education programmes for businesses. We are also extending cooperation between science and industry – especially with non-university research institutions. In addition, in the future we will be investing more in creativity and ideas in order to foster the innovative potential of our students and employees and to encourage the formation of new companies.

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