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The Germany Scholarship shows its true colours

The University of Bayreuth is keen to support the new culture of scholarships in Germany. It promotes enthusiastic and highly-talented students and nurtures a close network between sponsors, alumni, students and the University. There’s no better way to support the outstanding young professionals of tomorrow.

Hannah von Rhein

“In my home country of Namibia there is no state or private educational sponsorship, so I’m especially happy and proud to have received the Germany Scholarship. Through the financial support, I can give my undivided attention to my studies, and I am more financially independent. I can even do internships that may not be paying positions. As part of the Germany Scholarship, I will have the chance to meet face-to-face with international sponsors and enterprises, and so gain insights early on, into the directions my studies could take.”

Hannah von Rhein

Bachelor of International Economics & Development

“The law degree programme at the University of Bayreuth stands out for, among other things, its interdisciplinarity, its encouragement of stays abroad, as well as the opportunity for personal development through student institutions, for example student legal advice. As a law student, the Germany Scholarship has increased my financial independence. During my stay in England at the University of Bristol, supported by the University of Bayreuth, I was able to take advantage of the full scope of advantages and opportunities of a master’s degree course abroad. And without the time constraints of a part-time job, I am able to pursue my commitment to pro-bono legal advice, and am a member of the Bristol Law Clinic. I will definitely contribute the practical and theoretical experience I gained during my LL.M. course back in Bayreuth in my conversations with fellow students, fellow scholars and sponsors.”

Christian Albrecht


Nikolas Mattheis

“Who still needs philosophy today?” To which philosophers counter true-to-form: What do you mean “need”? Bayreuth’s “Philosophy & Economics” programme combines two types of usage of the term. On the one hand – seeking meaning – we can reflect on morality, meaning and rationality. On the other, in its combination with economics, we gain the tools to analyse society and improve it from a sound basis. At the moment, I’m developing both sides in a year abroad at Oxford University. In the process, my Germany Scholarship has become an England scholarship, and allows me to concentrate fully on all the unique tutorials. Moreover, it gives me the opportunity to share the impressions I have gathered with a network of fellow students and enterprises. I’m already looking forward to that once I return to Bayreuth; my experience in Brexit-country suggests that philosophy – in both senses of the word – is in urgent need everywhere.”

Nikolas Mattheis

Bachelor Philosophy & Economics

“I see my future being in the tax consulting and accounting professions. Especially in the context of a rapidly growing regulatory environment in the area of financial reporting as well as tax legislation, a well-grounded business and legal education is the cornerstone of a successful career start. The master’s programme in business administration with the FACT advanced course at the University of Bayreuth is a degree tailor-made for me. Added to that the possibility of obtaining the accountancy option certificate to already gain credit for two examination areas of my future accountancy exams, my studies put me well on my way into tax consultation and accountancy. Thanks to the Germany Scholarship, I am not only in a position to focus on my studies, but also to engage in lively discussion with sponsors as well as fellow scholars.

Florian Kaiser

Master of Business Administration

“There is an ever-growing need in healthcare for people in possession of both economic and medical knowledge – precisely what is provided by the Health Economics degree programme. Thanks to the interdisciplinary training over the course of my degree at the University of Bayreuth, I can utilize my knowledge in a meaningful way in healthcare. The financial support of the Germany Scholarship allows me to concentrate fully on my studies, and as a result achieve excellent results. Moreover, it inspires me to keep improving.”

Wendy Sellenthin

Master of Health Economics

“The focus of the master’s programme in Finance and Information Management is on the interface between business administration, computer science and mathematics. A central aim of the programme is very much to impart an appreciation of the issues in digitalization, as well as approaches to tackle the commercial challenges associated with it. The extra financial independence afforded to me through sponsorship by the Germany Scholarship enables me to focus on my studies, and to pursue my extraneous social engagement. One aspect of this involved conceiving and initiative to heighten environmental awareness amongst the youth of our society. The Germany Scholarship’s network of students and sponsors opens up new perspectives, and especially its events provide the forum for highly diverse discussions that never fail to provide new food for thought. This multi-faceted and interdisciplinary dialogue is both an inspiration and an impetus for me.”

Felix Wagon

Master Finance and Information Management

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