The picture shows the campus of the University of Bayreuth from a bird's eye view.

Founders network

Anyone wishing to start their own business needs not just a bright idea and good contacts, but also strong partners who can provide advice and networking support. At the University of Bayreuth, these tasks are performed by the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (IEI), which was founded specifically for this purpose.

The development of a start-up and innovation ecosystem requires the involvement of various actors from the economy and the region. To this end, the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation strives for close networking with regional business partners, science and research institutions, financing partners, founding actors and students, as well as those interested in innovation and start-ups.

Similar to the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the EXIST Potentials project of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection also focuses on the regional networking of start-ups and business. Accordingly, it supports the Bayreuth project, Bayreuth3WURZEL: Business, University & Region: Living Entrepreneurship Together. In this way, EXIST Potentials acts as an innovation driver in Upper Franconia's innovation ecosystem. With its core competencies, it is actively working to build up start-up and innovation skills, and is thereby integrating the start-up spirit into the region for the long haul.

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The University of Bayreuth is funded as part of the BMWK's EXIST Potentials funding line.