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Warum Bayreuth?

You don't have to love Wagner to love Bayreuth.

Whether you came to the University to study, work, or conduct research - there is one point on which we can all agree: newcomers feel at home here in no time at all. The University of Bayreuth, with around 13,300 students, is a comfortable size, and it is also a place where you will make new contacts quickly.

With a population of around 73,000, Bayreuth is not particularly large, but that is one of the things which makes it so appealing. People run into one another. The town may be world-famous for its annual opera festival, but it also offers a wealth of cultural and artistic attractions, Wagner aside. It should come as no surprise that the town’s party and pub scenes are firmly in the hands of the students. But you will be surprised how quickly you are able find your way around as you notice the boundaries between the campus and town centre becoming less and less visible.

Campus culture at its finest

Perhaps you would like to help shape our campus culture instead of just soaking it up. That can certainly be arranged. For instance, you could sing in the university chorus or gospel chorus, or play your instrument in the university orchestra or big band. The campus also hosts regular film screenings during the semester, art exhibitions, theatre performances, a variety of musical performances, and last but not least, the University's annual open air festival.

Location is everything

Scenic northern Bavaria, right at Bayreuth's doorstep, is great for sports activities: cycling, hiking, mountain-climbing, canoeing, rafting, and skiing are all excellent ways to enrich your leisure time. However, if you do happen to crave the feel of a bigger city now and then, Nuremburg is only a one-hour train ride away and Munich is only 2 ½ hours away. You can reach Berlin in 4 hours by car or bus, and Leipzig in half that time. And don’t forget: being in the heart of Europe means Prague is also only a three-hour drive away.

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