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Bayreuth Bridge for Science

The University of Bayreuth had set up bridging funding for refugee scientists from Ukraine. For the time being, all funding has been allocated.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a political, economic and humanitarian catastrophe. The war is also forcing numerous researchers who previously worked at Ukrainian research institutions to leave them and interrupt their research careers: no experiments, no conferences, no publications.

This torrential brain drain is exacerbated by the fact that these researchers upon arrival in new host countries have to rebuild a new existence, often without connections to an international network and without opportunities to continue their own research.

What is the Bayreuth Bridge for Science?

With the Bayreuth Bridge for Science, the University of Bayreuth offers bridge funding for researchers at risk from Ukrainian research institutions. These Bridge Fellowships enable researchers to establish a connection to relevant research groups at the University of Bayreuth and to explore further funding options from this safe location.


Dr. Mirjam Horn-Schott

Dr. Mirjam Horn-Schott

Research Support Office