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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 056/2022 dated 21 April 2022

A bridge for science: The "Bayreuth Bridge for Science" awards grants to Ukrainian scientists

The war in Ukraine is also impacting research there very hard. Many scientists have left the country or fled to the West with their families. Researchers currently in Germany are looking for contact with colleagues in order to gain a foothold here and enter into new collaborations. The University of Bayreuth is now awarding grants to Ukrainian researchers through the "Bayreuth Bridge for Science", which is co-financed by the Rainer Markgraf Foundation and the Adalbert Raps Foundation.

Thousands of researchers have left their labs and libraries in Ukraine since the end of February and interrupted their research careers. After providing initial support in the form of aid supplies and applications for external funding, the University is now offering grants for up to nine months at its locations in Bayreuth and Kulmbach. "Without a good network, researchers quickly get sidelined. We offer Ukrainian colleagues a safe haven upon arriving in our region and the opportunity to make new contacts at the University," says Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible, President of the University of Bayreuth. "We would like to thank the Rainer Markgraf Foundation and the Adalbert Raps Foundation very much for their prompt and generous support for our bridge for science."

To ensure the best possible outcomes, the Bridge Fellows are advised to cooperate with professors at the University with whom they are a good match. The Research Support Office helps in identifying potential partners. "We advise qualified academics on the possibilities of working with colleagues from Bayreuth or Kulmbach and also keep in touch with committed contacts in our faculties," explains the responsible officer, Dr. Mirjam Horn-Schott. In addition to the host search and the temporary bridging grants, the initial assistance also includes competent support from the Welcome Services and advice on further funding after the first 9 months. Interested researchers can contact the Research Support Office directly. The office is already in contact with numerous researchers.

Dr. Mirjam Horn-Schott

Dr. Mirjam Horn-Schott

Office of Research Support

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