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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 059/2023 - 9 May 2023

Top positions for the University of Bayreuth in the CHE Ranking 2023

The University of Bayreuth has once again positioned itself in the top group of German universities in the CHE Ranking 2023: it has achieved excellent ratings in the student survey conducted in the subjects of Law, Business Administration, Economics, and Business Administration & Engineering. The nationwide comparison published today confirms that the University of Bayreuth continues to be one of Germany’s leading higher education institutions in the fields of in the fields of law, business, and economics.

"The impressive results of the CHE ranking show that the University of Bayreuth, as a comparatively small campus university, has managed time and again to be extraordinarily successful with its study programmes in national and international league tables. We combine high standards in research and teaching with a tight-knit campus community while offering our students plenty of room for self-development as well as individual support from the very first semester. The distinctly practical orientation of our study programmes in law, business, and economics opens up access to professional positions in which they can help shape future-oriented developments in society with skill and dedication," says Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible, President of the University of Bayreuth.

The Faculty of Law, Business & Economics on the Campus of the University of Bayreuth.

"The CHE ranking has made it clear once again this year: the study environment in Bayreuth is excellent. This top position in law, business, and economics, confirmed by our students, is based on three pillars: We consistently focus on the core subjects of law, business administration, and economics. At the same time, we offer smartly designed interdisciplinary courses such as Business Administration & Engineering or Business & Information Systems Engineering and have developed additional courses that are unique in Germany in order to further strengthen the prospects of our graduates on the German and international job market," explains Prof. Dr. Michael Grünberger, Chair of Civil, Commercial and Technology Law and Dean of the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics. "The teaching staff at the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics are continuously working to adapt our degree programmes to the changing challenges in society, business, and politics. With a degree from the University of Bayreuth, our students can be sure they will have excellent career opportunities. Studying here is a real game-changer," Grünberger emphasizes.

Detailed surveys of students form the core of the CHE ranking. Bayreuth's degree programmes in Law, Business Administration, Economics, and Business Administration & Engineering achieve outstanding ratings that are significantly above the national average in all individual criteria relevant to the ranking. These include, for example, the general study situation, the range of courses offered, digital elements of study, personal support from lecturers, support during one’s studies and the promotion of stays abroad. The equipment of the university library and the IT infrastructure on campus also receive top ratings from students. The Business & Information Systems Engineering programme, which just started in the winter semester of 2022/23, could not yet be included in the student survey. However, just like the degree programmes in the fields of Law, Business Administration, Economics, and Business Administration & Engineering, it receives top ratings from CHE for the support it provides to students at the start of their studies.

"Anyone who wants to succeed today in the age of AI and an economy in transition needs a top education. We are very proud that the CHE ranking confirms for us again: The University of Bayreuth offers premium studies that open up new horizons for our students. The best teaching, innovative research, study programmes with their finger on the pulse: this is how we put students on the road to success at our top university," says Prof. Dr. Claas Christian Germelmann, Chair of Marketing & Consumer Behaviour and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics. In Bayreuth, the study of law can be combined with additional training in economics or technical sciences or interdisciplinary supplementary programmes in the field of computer science and digitalization. In addition, students of all subjects have the opportunity to complete an interdisciplinary supplementary programme in sustainability.

Invitation for prospective students:
On 3 July 2023, the University of Bayreuth will host an information day for Law, Business, and Economics: High school graduates and prospective students from Germany and abroad are welcome on campus. Here they will receive first-hand information in lectures, discussions and many personal conversations about the rich range of offerings in these subjects that are fit for the future and well-respected in Germany.

Information on the programme and registration:

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