Press Release No. 126/2023, dated 13.09.2023

First Sustainable Sports Symposium at the University of Bayreuth

"The Sport's Race to Zero" is the topic of the first Sustainable Sports Symposium at the University of Bayreuth. Renowned scientists and practitioners from the fields of sports ecology, sustainability in sports and education for sustainable development will come to the Bayreuth Centre for Sports Science (BaySpo) at the University of Bayreuth for a three-day symposium.

The Sustainable Sports Symposium will take place from 24 to 26 September 2023. Interested parties can register until 17 September via the homepage

register. Tickets for the event cost 120 euros, special prices are available for doctoral students and students, and representatives of the media are invited.

Dr. Elvira Kronbichler from the Pädagogische Akademie Salzburg will open the event on the first day, 24 September, at 6.15 p.m. with the keynote speech "Sport and nature - an ambivalent relationship. Of arsonists and fire extinguishers". The lecture will take place in lecture hall 18 (Natural Sciences II building) and can be attended free of charge and without prior registration.

This year, the event is being held for the first time on the initiative of the think tank sportainable and is supported by Sparkasse Bayreuth, myClimate and VAUDE.

The organisers are BaySpo - Bayreuth Centre for Sports Science and BayCEER - Bayreuth Centre for Ecology and Environmental Research.

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