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University of Bayreuth, Press Release 029/2022, 9 March 2022

University of Bayreuth offers counselling for refugee students from the Ukraine

Language courses, support programmes, requirements: The Service Centre for Refugees & Immigration will answer any questions about taking up a course of study, with offerings specifically tailored for people from the Ukraine.  

"The University of Bayreuth is committed to allowing students from the Ukraine now in Germany to settle in as quickly as possible," says Prof. Dr. Martin Huber, Vice President Teaching & Learning at the University of Bayreuth. "Refugees face many problems, so we don't want to put any more obstacles in their way, but actively help them plan their future."

The University of Bayreuth has had a Service Centre for Refugees & Immigration since 2017. Refugees can contact this office to find out about the requirements for studying in Bayreuth. In individual meetings, service centre staff not only check whether an individual possesses university entrance qualification, but can also help them enter the German labour market, or conduct basic planning of their professional future. "With the potential students, we clarify what would be best for them at that moment," explains I-Hsin Stangl, contact for refugees interested in studying at the University of Bayreuth. Often, the refugees lack language skills – upon which the service centre can arrange appropriate courses. A propaedeutic trial semester is also possible in Bayreuth. In this case, refugees take intensive language courses right on campus, which allows them to get to know the diverse offerings of the University. The service centre also provides advice on funding and scholarship opportunities for prospective refugee students. 

If all the admission requirements such as sufficient language skills, university entrance qualification, and confirmed residence status have been met, refugees can, in principle, begin their studies at the University of Bayreuth as early as the 2022 summer semester. 

In order to find out exactly what support programmes are available, which requirements for admission have already been met, and which courses still need to be taken, refugees interested in studying at the University of Bayreuth should contact the Service Centre for Refugees & Immigration directly. Information is also available on the website www.refugees.uni-bayreuth.de.

I-Hsin Stangl

I I-Hsin Stangl

Servicestelle Flucht und Migration; International Office