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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 102/2023 - 13 July 2023

Bayreuth scientist receives Google research award for new artificial intelligence project

Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek, Professor for Mobile Intelligent User Interfaces at the University of Bayreuth, has been awarded a research prize from the internationally renowned "Google Research Scholar Program". He is one of a total of 79 scientists who will be accepted by Google into this funding scheme in 2023. Only ten of them work at universities and research institutions in Europe. Buschek will receive a total of 60,000 US dollars for his project on how artificial intelligence can support the joint work of several team members on digital text documents.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek, University of Bayreuth.

Every year, Google honours professors who are at the beginning of their scientific careers for research projects that are of outstanding quality and significance in an international comparison. The award-winning project of the Bayreuth scientist is in the field of "Human Computer Interaction" and is entitled "SHAIRED: Shared Human AI Relationships for Editing Documents". It is based on the observation that there are a growing number of teams in different areas of science, business, politics and society that collaborate on the creation and editing of digital text documents. The question of how artificial intelligence can make these work processes more efficient and lead to success will be investigated by Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek. The results will be used to develop concrete new usage concepts for AI in teams and enable recommendations for action for producers of AI systems.

"Possible synergy effects when teams of humans and artificial intelligence work together have rarely been investigated so far. The much-discussed software ChatGPT is an example of this: most people have so far only tried ChatGPT 'for themselves'. But how can such systems deliver real added value when, for example, they are integrated into work processes in the course of which people with different skills, perspectives and interests cooperate? This is precisely where our new research project comes in, with a focus on teamwork on and with digital documents," explains Buschek.

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Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek

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