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Structure- & Development Plan 2025

Since its founding in 1975, the University of Bayreuth has established itself as a permanent fixture on the German university scene; it owes its reputation to outstanding, forward-looking research and teaching. Its track record of success in research and teaching to date is impressive proof of this. In order to prepare the University for future developments and circumstances, and thus to make it even more competitive, we have drawn up a new Structure & Development Plan. It updates and replaces the 'Structural & Developmental Planning 2020+' adopted on 5 June 2013.

The University Governing Board considers Structure & Developmental Planning to be a major strategic instrument to ensure the retention of existing structures that are working well, and to carry out the reorganization and trend-setting realignment necessary to remain competitive with other universities. It is an important basis for orientation in strategic decisions taken by universities generally, e.g. In the introduction of new courses of study, the announcement of new professorships or of those to be filled again, or the allocation of resources. In addition, the Structure & Development plan is the basis for target agreements within the framework of the Innovation Alliance with the State Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and the Arts.

With this new Structure & Development Plan, we want to take into account the changed environment and new challenges with which the University of Bayreuth is confronted. The erosion of confidence in science and its institutions affects us as a university particularly: Phenomena such as fake news and filter bubbles, but also new forms of the reception of knowledge have an effect on us, as do digitization, internationalization, and the simultaneous emergence of nationalism, urbanisation, and demographic change. In this paper we wish to provide answers to how the University of Bayreuth is meeting these challenges.

The establishment and updating of such a plan is required by law as the basis for the further development of our university. However, it is also Commitment and drive to jointly pursue the successful development of the University of Bayreuth - towards goals that are clearly set out here for everyone to see. Various measures will be planned and implemented in the coming years in order to achieve the targets set. However, in order to underline the long-term validity of the strategic orientation, these will not be presented in this document.

A coordinated process was initiated at the beginning of 2017 to formulate the new Structure & Development Plan and the new Mission Statement. In a major effort involving all member groups of the University of Bayreuth, taking into account all the different points of view, the great expertise on campus was condensed and transferred to the following pages.

Structure- & Development Plan 2025

Agreement of Objectives

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