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20.10.2020 Climate protection: Bayreuth chemists develop new material for the separation of CO₂ from industrial waste gases ...more
19.10.2020 Researchers in Bayreuth and Melbourne discover new type of spider web ...more
16.10.2020 Excellent international reputation: University of Bayreuth among the "Top 20" in the new Humboldt Ranking ...more
08.10.2020 New study: Workplace monitoring nullifies performance incentives ...more
07.10.2020 New plant breeding methods: Bayreuth expert warns of the consequences of their strict regulation in the EU ...more
05.10.2020 University of Bayreuth and Ohio University offer double degree in Sport Management ...more
02.10.2020 Bayreuth research: Tropical nature reserves to be particularly affected by future climate change ...more
01.10.2020 Approaching start of semester in Kulmbach, the team is growing and the first student has enrolled ...more
24.09.2020 Nanocrystals make volcanoes explode: Bayreuth geoscientist discovers causes of sudden eruptions ...more
24.09.2020 University of Bayreuth expert: “Finding a final storage site is not just about the rock.” ...more
22.09.2020 Advanced training for refugees who hold degrees in STEM fields: Launch of the DAAD's pilot programme "PROFI in MINT" at the Campus Academy ...more
21.09.2020 New study from Bayreuth: Even cooked carrots can trigger allergic reactions ...more
18.09.2020 CHE-survey on master’s programmes in times of coronavirus: Outstanding ratings for the University of Bayreuth ...more
17.09.2020 BayWa foundation creates 20 new Deutschlandstipendium scholarships at the University of Bayreuth ...more
16.09.2020 Controlled dynamics of colloidal rods: Physicists from Bayreuth develop basic principles for mini-laboratories on chips ...more
15.09.2020 Bayreuth assistant professor receives award for German-Russian university cooperation  ...more
14.09.2020 University of Bayreuth researcher discovers new species of spider ...more
09.09.2020 University of Bayreuth Scientist, in association with partners from industry, nominated for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis ...more
09.09.2020 Interview: Scientist of the University of Bayreuth, together with partners, nominated for Deutscher Zukunftspreis ...more
02.09.2020 THE-Ranking 2021: The University of Bayreuth continues on its course for success on the global market ...more
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