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Coronavirus: Recommendations of the University of Bayreuth

As a precaution, the topic 'coronavirus' is being discussed by the University Governing Board, Grounds Maintenance, the University Medical Officer, and the Director of the International Office, and we are continually updating our catalogue of measures to be taken. The travel and security information provided by the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of Health is authoritative for everyone involved in these discussions.

We recommend that members of our university and especially students of the University of Bayreuth who are currently in China inform themselves daily on the homepages of the WHO, Robert Koch Institute, the Federal Foreign Office, and the Ministry of Health. The Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety has also set up a telephone hotline (telephone +49 (0) 91 31/ 68 08 51 01).

General hygiene measures

Provost Dr. Markus Zanner, after consulting with the University Medical Officer Katrin Schmerberg (specialist for occupational medicine) and the public health department, has provided the following information: "Generally speaking, the same recommendations apply to the University of Bayreuth as to the rest of the population. We recommend taking the same general hygiene measures that are commonly taken to avoid influenza: proper cough etiquette, washing or disinfecting one’s hands, keeping one’s distance from people who are ill, and avoiding heavily contaminated objects (door knobs, etc.). We are planning to put disinfectants in restrooms – but not only due to the coronavirus, but rather due to the wave of the flu that is going around at the moment.” An important message from the University Medical Officer is this: "If cold symptoms or a fever appear within 14 days of returning from China or another affected region, you must be tested for the coronavirus."

Exchange with China

Dr. Arnim Heinemann, Director of the University of Bayreuth’s International Office, added the following: "The University Governing Board, and in particular, the International Office, are not currently undertaking any centrally planned (exchange) trips to China. We are always in touch with our Gateway Office in Shanghai as well as with the Bavarian Academic Centre for China (BayChina) and its Gateway Office in Beijing. We are following the travel and security information updates provided by the German Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of Health, and we pass this along to our students from China, too. As of Winter Semester 2019/20, 490 students with Chinese citizenship are enrolled at the University of Bayreuth; 32 of them are exchangestudents, who usually stay in Bayreuth for one semester. We especially advise these exchange students to avoid any unnecessary travel home. The following applies for the upcoming summer semester: we will integrate Chinese students who come to Bayreuth with both exit permits from the Chinese authorities and entry permits from the German authorities into university operations as usual. This also applies to researchers visiting from China. We are currently advising students and scholars at the University of Bayreuth to postpone any travel to China as long as it is not absolutely necessary. If Bayreuth students wish to withdraw from an exchange place in China that was already awarded to them, we will try to find a suitable alternative."

The International Office of the University of Bayreuth is available as a contact point for internal queries. Members of the university are also requested to take note of the information provided by the University Governing Board on the coronavirus on the intranet of the University of Bayreuth.

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