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Infrastructure – the backbone of our university.

Naturally, teaching and conducting research with the best and brightest requires an infrastructure that measures up to international standards.  The offices and services on our campus support the university’s operations and represent the key pillar of our internationalization strategy.

For instance, Bayreuth’s University Library is an important scientific library in the region. It contains around 2 million books and periodicals and almost as many e-books and online periodicals, and is open not only to students and staff, but also to the greater community of Upper Franconia. Equally spectacular is the University’s picturesque Botanical Garden. Here one finds a myriad of different types of vegetation from all over the world grown under field conditions. The Garden’s main function is to serve as an ecological research station, however it also draws visitors from all over the surrounding region.

Thinking and operating in a global network.

The International Office is the hub for all matters relating to the university’s international network. It is here that strategic concepts are developed and coordinated, that international partnerships are established and maintained. The International Office also provides advising and support for students and researchers interested in going abroad and those interested in joining us from abroad. Last but not least, the university offers welcome services and international mobility and networking opportunities for researchers (and their families).

Bridging language divides.

What would an international university be without a Language Centre? Over 20 foreign languages are taught on our campus. We offer UNIcert® certification in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. Our Language Centre offers a wealth of learning materials to support foreign language acquisition including books, DVDs, and the latest language software.

World-class support.

Our IT Service Centre supports the University of Bayreuth’s research and teaching in all computer-related matters. Thanks to the efforts of the IT Service Centre, each new network user is allocated a large amount of disk space and given access to wide variety of peripheral devices as well as other IT and printing services. This is possible in part due to our own host system, which boasts an enormous data storage capacity. Finally, the IT Service Centre is also responsible for administering and maintaining an ever-growing local network.

Buildings & Grounds Maintenance provides comprehensive technical assistance for the entire university. Its scientific workshops support research and teaching in all matter relating to university facilities and equipment. The building maintenance unit ensures that university operations run smoothly. In addition, a unit for hazardous substances and environmental protection is based in the department to handle all questions surrounding this particular range of topics.

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