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Our faculties. Fertile ground for research and teaching.

The University of Bayreuth has seven high-achieving faculties. They set disciplinary and interdisciplinary priorities that allow the University to stand out from the crowd, both nationally and internationally. The newly founded Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition & Health in Kulmbach spreads our spirit of interdisciplinary research beyond the borders of Bayreuth.

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science

Mathematics, physics and computer science are core disciplines in modern science. They play a fundamental role in our daily lives, and are an essential part of a number of neighbouring disciplines. Our world today would be inconceivable without the knowledge arising from these subjects. Through its outstanding achievements in research and teaching, Faculty 1 puts down the cornerstone for further progress....more

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Can we preserve the environment and natural resources in a sustainable way? How do climate change and microplastics affect the environment? How can energy be converted and used efficiently? These questions are an indication of how important the issues Faculty 2 deals with are for our future...more

Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

A globalized future will see the demand for universal competencies rise even more. Consequently, Faculty 3 attaches great importance to a general education that deliberately crosses subject boundaries, and involves students in research projects at an early stage. We combine law, business administration and economics under one roof, and differentiate ourselves with innovative, cross-disciplinary programmes of study…more

Faculty of Languages & Literatures

How will be the role of opera and opera productions develop in the 21st century? Why do over 50 million people in West Africa speak Hausa? How can the study of language and literature contribute to a lively dialogue between different cultures? Languages are key to other cultures. Faculty 4 of the University of Bayreuth holds such a key...more

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

The European Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities is a unique honour. The Central European University (CEU) awards this prize for outstanding achievements in teaching in the humanities and social sciences. Faculty 5 is proud to already have an EU Award Winner in its ranks...more

Faculty of Engineering Science

Did you know that spider silk has five times the tensile strength of steel, but is just as elastic as rubber? And that is just one of the many phenomena under investigation at the University of Bayreuth's Faculty 6. Specific research fields include materials, process engineering, energy science and technology, mechatronics, and sensor technology...more

Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition & Health

Nutrition and physical activity are among the most important factors that influence health in modern societies. However, the causal relationships between nutrition and, e.g., the risk of developing non-communicable diseases are not yet fully understood. All the while, even our existing knowledge has too little influence on individual behaviour. Finding solutions to these and other interdisciplinary problem areas is the task of the Faculty 7...more

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