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Transfer Strategy of the University of Bayreuth

Climate change, the energy crisis and other major challenges pose enormous tasks for our society and economy, also in the Upper Franconia region. As a university, we can and want to make a significant contribution to successfully mastering the associated change, securing the prosperity of all of us and maintaining the competitiveness of the region. But how do we ensure that the necessary solutions are quickly developed and successfully implemented?

It is already foreseeable that universities will have an ever greater responsibility in the transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology. This also calls for an intelligent and innovation-promoting transfer architecture which should help to develop solutions promptly and implement them successfully. Our innovation ecosystem serves as the basis for this architecture, in which all actors take on a profiled task for the transfer process.

In 2017, the University of Bayreuth therefore already formulated its role as a regional catalyst and driver of innovation in both its transfer strategy as well as the "Structural and Development Plan 2025". It seeks to actively shape the future and, with the help of co-creative processes, take responsibility for the challenges of our time and, in particular, of the Upper Franconia region.

The transfer strategy launched by the University Governing Board, the University Council and the Senate is therefore the starting point for the further specification of the continuous further development of the University of Bayreuth and is to be understood as an instrument for a cultural change towards an even stronger commitment to transfer.

The path to the goal: the measures of our transfer strategy

Transfer activities and channels

The University of Bayreuth sees its role in the (regional) innovation ecosystem in particular in the following areas:

  • interdisciplinary, excellent and internationally visible research and its exploitation
  • innovative, interdisciplinary study programmes and teaching formats that promote entrepreneurial thinking and action across faculties in addition to study-specific content (e.g. (social) entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship)
  • academic continuing education programmes (including Agile Collaboration 4.0, Digital Future Factory, Innovation Manager / Intrapreneurship Manager)
  • support and consulting for start-ups as well as established companies and organizations (e.g. workshops, consulting and lectures)
  • organization of exchange formats between science and practice (e.g. on economic and social challenges, new research results or concrete challenges of professional practice)
  • participation in / membership of the University of Bayreuth in regional networks (e.g. Technology Alliance Upper Franconia (TAO) and associations, e.g. Oberfranken Offensiv e.V.)

Goals of transfer

The University of Bayreuth aims to make outstanding knowledge, innovative ideas and technologies effective for society and the economy. In line with this overarching goal and the already established innovation ecosystem, there are five goals for expanding the University of Bayreuth’s idea, knowledge and technology transfer.

  1. Harnessing evidence-based knowledge, innovative ideas and technologies
  2. Expanding the transfer culture
  3. Expanding transfer structures and activities
  4. Ensuring visibility of transfer competencies
  5. Expanding monitoring and evaluation measures of the transfer

Measures already planned

The University of Bayreuth plans to implement various measures over the next few years to achieve the above-mentioned goals. This involves both infrastructural measures and concrete transfer activities. In order to be able to realize and sustainably secure the measures, corresponding funding inquiries have been and are being made, private third-party funding has been raised, and the University's own budgetary resources are also being used.

  1. Expansion of transfer formats in teaching, continuing education and consulting
  2. Expansion and dovetailing of innovation support in the regional ecosystem
  3. Further development of cross-divisional transfer structures
  4. Expansion of national & international networks

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Professor Dr. Stefan Leible

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